ProductPressure (Bar)Flow (l/h)Wattage (Watts)
Karcher K2 Compact Home1103601400
Karcher K4 Full Control Home1304201800
Karcher K5 Full Control Home1455002100
Bosch AQT 37-131303701700
Karcher K7 Premium Full Control Home1606002800

Here are some terms and features that matter when reading the best pressure washer reviews on this site:

Terms To Know

  • Gallons per minute (GPM) – This is the flow rate. 1 – 5 GPM is the most common. More flow equals less time cleaning a certain area. Professionals buy high GPM machines so they can complete more jobs per day.
  • Pounds per square inch (PSI) – This is the pressure. 1000 – 3500 PSI is most common. It describes the pushing force, although the actual force on the surface depends on the nozzle and how far you hold it from the surface.
  • Cleaning power (CP) – This is GPM x PSI. It is a common term to describe the overall cleaning power of a power washer.

No two pressure washers from the same manufacturer will be similar. Parameters, operation, usage, application everything differs based on the design, output and performance.

So, how do you really choose the perfect pressure washer? For a long time I too selected a washer based on the PSI and GPM output. But that is not all to the equation.

PSI Based Selection

PSI basically refers to the total water pressure created by your pressure washer. It can range from 1000 PSI to over 4000 PSI. We have classified pressure washers based on their PSI output into four classes namely light duty, medium duty, heavy duty and extra heavy duty pressure washers.

Light Duty

Majority of commercial pressure washers or domestic washers are designed for light duty usage. They exert a maximum of 2000 PSI and are good for basic household tasks.

  • Best For – Cars, trucks, furniture, sidewalks and driveways.
  • Good With – Fences, decks, garage, stairs, floors, stain removal, siding.
  • Bad With – Wall preparation for paint and second floor cleaning.

Medium Duty

High end commercial pressure washers can produce medium grade PSI output and majority of Semi-Pro pressure washers usually handle this kind of output with ease. The maximum pressure in this range is 3000 PSI and it starts from 2000 PSI.

  • Best For – Furniture, sidewalks, driveways, garage floor, fencing, decks, floors, stairs.
  • Good With – Second Floor cleaning, stain removal, siding, cars and trucks.
  • Bad With – Wall preparation for paint.

Heavy Duty

Majority of high end Semi-Pro pressure washers can easily produce around 3000 PSI but only a few manage to reach as far as 4000 PSI. A Professional pressure washer however should start from a PSI of 2500 and move above 4000 PSI.

So, a proper heavy duty pressure washer can fall either under the high end bracket of Semi-Pro or low end side of Professional pressure washers. Range is from 3000 PSI to 4000 PSI.

  • Best For – sidewalks, driveways, garage floor, fencing, patio, decks, floors, stairs.
  • Good With – Patio Furniture and Paint preparation for walls.
  • Bad With – Cars and Trucks.

Extra Heavy Duty

All professional grade pressure washers produce over 4000 PSI and are excellent for heavy duty industrial applications. They are usually gas variants and have plenty of raw power. Range starts from 4000 PSI and above.

  • Best For – Everything except Cars, Trucks and Patio Furniture.
  • Bad With – Cars and Trucks and Patio Furniture.

What Are The Different Types of Pressure Washers?

Cleaning the stone stairs with a pressure washer

There are two basic types of pressure washers that are available today: patrol and electrical.

Patrol powered pressure washers typically have the highest PSI ratings. They may or may not be equipped with detergent tanks that can help you to disinfect surfaces as you clean them. Their primary benefit is the extra power, but you also get extra portability because you don’t need to be near a power source to use them. Some of the best patrol power washers have an electric starter.

Electrical powered pressure washers have lower PSI ratings, but make less of an impact on the environment. They are typically 50% quieter than their gasoline powered counterparts and cost less to operate overall. Most limit your working space to 20 meters because they cannot be plugged into an extension cord because of the amp reduction that occurs.

Selecting the right one depends on what your cleaning needs happen to be. Smaller spaces tend to benefit more from electrical power washers. Larger spaces or areas that don’t have a close supply of electricity tend to benefit from the gas powered pressure washers. Many homeowners choose to own one of both so that all of their needs can be effectively met.


Based on usage one can divide pressure washers into personal use and business use equipment.

  • Personal Use – These consist mainly of Commercial and Semi-Pro pressure washers. They have an optimum output in terms of PSI of around 2000 PSI and a GPM of around 1.2. These are great to have around the house for the most common applications.
  • Business Use – Be it a storehouse, workshop, store or an office space, having a large pressure washer with a decent output is always beneficial. Semi-Pro and Professional pressure washers are best suited for business use since they have a high PSI rating and GPM with heavy duty motors, pumps and accessories. The key here for business application is durability and dependability.

Why Buy a Power Washer?

Here are the top 5 reasons to buy the power washer – the essential outdoor cleaning tool:

1. Save Time

Cleaning car wheels with pressure

Next time you’re in the driveway cleaning your car with a pressure washer feel good because you’re saving 5x the water and able to clean it 5x faster. In addition to that, you won’t have to bend over to clean the low spot – just point and shoot with the pressure gun.

Here’s where the “5x” came from:

  • A garden hose provides you with ~8 GPM of water at 60 PSI. That’s 480 cleaning power units.
  • A 100 EUR electric pressure cleaner provides 1.6 GPM at 1500 PSI. That’s 2400 cleaning power units.

So, for 100 EUR you can use 5x less water and get 5x the cleaning power. In the power washer reviews we look at all aspects of the pressure washer and brand to ensure you are looking at the best.

Another example of why pressure cleaning is efficient is because you can use attachments like a surface cleaner to quickly clean large flat areas like a tennis court or your driveway. Mobile contract pressure cleaners all own one and because of it they can complete more jobs per day.

2. Save Money

A pressure cleaner helps you to save money in 3 ways:

  • You use less water so your water bill is less. Pressure cleaning uses less gallons of water per minute than a garden hose and also completes the job faster.
  • Buying a pressure cleaner is only 100 – 400 EUR depending on the type you buy. Hiring someone to clean your driveway costs 150 EUR. Hiring someone to clean your deck is 100 EUR. Even renting a pressure cleaner is 80 eur/day.
  • Keeping surfaces clean increases their life. If you regularly clean your deck, driveway, grill and other areas of your house those surfaces will stay healthy longer. Have you ever seen an old rotten deck that needed to be replaced because it was a hazard? Yeah, you can help prevent something like that from happening by keeping it clean and healthy.

3. Surfaces Experience a More Thorough Clean

Garden chairs cleaning

When it comes to cleaning surfaces there’s no substitute for high pressure water. Professional industry organizations that certify contractors recommend high pressure hot soapy water to clean the toughest surfaces because it works, and works fast.

You could spend hours and hours chipping away at caked on mud, grease and grime or you could use a hot water pressure washer with the proper detergent like the best pressure washing services providers.

4. Increase Your Home’s Value and Curb Appeal

Pressure cleaning your house siding, driveway, patio, front steps, sidewalks and garage door will increase your home’s value by up to 15,000 EUR. And if you’re planning to sell anytime soon it will get more interested buyers to come in and have a look. This is a fact according to the National Association of Realtors. Not bad for a few days effort, don’t you think?

5. Chores Become Fun

Terrace cleaningWith your new toy, cleaning outdoor surfaces will be fun – you against the dirty surface. Whether it’s concrete, wood, plastic or metal it doesn’t stand a chance…

Have you seen what you can do with a power washer? Just take a look at that picture of the half cleaned deck. Amazing. And power washing is effortless – you just point the wand and hold down the trigger.

Here Are The Criteria To Narrow Down Your Choices

For electric power washers, consider their size and weight, the number of nozzles, tips or attachments they come with, the strength of their hose, the material used to manufacture their spray gun or wand (steel is best), and whether they have a detergent tank on board.

The best gas-powered pressure washers will have powerful overhead valves or cams, a pump head made from brass or aluminum (to stand up to the high pressure it will be handing), a steel or poly-braided high pressure hose, a heavy-duty frame (preferably made from steel) and tires, a steel wand with a quick-connect feature, a good choice of interchangeable tips or attachments, adjustable wands, thermal relief systems and an onboard detergent tank.

Naturally, the more wear-and-tear you’ll be subjecting the power washer to, the more durable it will need to be. In that case, commercial-grade machines with features like steel axles and hubs, pneumatic tires and triplex pumps may be your best bet.

What Are The Prices of Pressure Washers Today?

Entry-level pressure washers can be found on Amazon right now for about 100 EUR. These cheap pressure washers tend to have a PSI rating of 1500 or less and are almost always electrical models. On the other end of the spectrum, a 4200 PSI pressure washer may run as much as 1,000 EUR, but be strong enough that it could be used in a landscaping business.

The average price that you’ll find for a good power washer that meets all of your needs is typically around 300 EUR. This will give you an average PSI rating of 2500, there are some electrical options available at this price point, and you’ll be able to clean almost all surfaces.

Making the Decision

The woman cleans private road

Hopefully, this guide has informed you as to the various factors to consider when shopping for a pressure washer such as size, PSI, GPM, mobility, build quality and ease of operation.

Just looking at online pictures and reading terse product descriptions on your own may leave you confused, which is why we have done the extensive research and hands-on tests to significantly narrow down your search from the hundreds of power washer products out there to a select few.

We sincerely believe that if you use only this guide and purchase one of the machines we have reviewed here that you will not be disappointed in your choice. We have optimized the balance between machine capabilities, power, reliability, convenience and value in such a way that we only present the best power washers to you.

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Additionally, we present these machines via Amazon, because they have the most outstanding return policy and service bar none. If in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with any machine we recommend, you will find that Amazon is more than happy to resolve your issues in a timely fashion.

So, those cleaning jobs are out there and waiting for you to make your decision. Start now getting that new machine to your doorstep. Buy with confidence and enjoy the convenience and time savings a new power washer provides.