About Us

Spotless Homes is the portal dedicated to the home

About Us

Lovers of furniture, gardening and DIY will find on our pages useful and practical tips to make your home simply beautiful and to personalize it according to your needs.

There are also many buying guides, for conscious shopping and buying only the best products available on the market.

The authors of Spotless Homes

We are online writing professionals who love our houses and everything related to it. Each guide or article is therefore written with competence, but also with great passion.

In every word there is a small part of our way of being; and so, article by article, we will get to know each other by establishing a relationship that we hope can be lasting and of mutual trust.

Write your comments on the articles and ask any question that comes to mind, together we will build an even richer portal!

Joshua Bigham (Founder and Publisher)

Joshua BighamA graduate in scientific disciplines, Web Marketing expert, developed his interest in issues related to housing and living during his experience as a real estate agent.

Creator and project manager of www.spotlesshomes.co.uk deals with all the organizational and management aspects.


Ellen McCarthy (Chief Editor)

Ellen McCarthyAn engineer by family tradition, after the first specialist degree obtained in 2004 at the Brighton Polytechnic, I decided to follow my creative spirit and become an architect as well.

So, for more than ten years now, my main job, as well as my passion, has been to design and furnish homes.

But the love of writing has always accompanied me and for this reason, for some time now, I have been writing for the web, especially dealing with furniture and construction. I, therefore, hope to be able to provide you with valuable advice, putting at your disposal, not only my professional experience but also the experience of a mother of two children and a wife, who loves living at her house, every day, in the best way.


Billy King (Author)

Billy KingA carpenter by profession, father of 2 wonderful children and always passionate about DIY.

Tricks, secrets, shortcuts, suggestions, this is what I want to share with those who will read me here on Spotless Homes.


Amber Baker (Author)

Amber BakerAlways passionate about creative writing. I worked for large-scale distribution for ten years as a sales rep for departments: small appliances, large appliances, and built-in appliances.

Here on Spotless Homes, I express my passion for writing by making use of my experience with domestic appliances and technology.


Elise Oliver (Author)

Elise OliverI am a food blogger and passionate about wine. I tell about recipes, places, and kitchens of our beautiful world. For me, the kitchen is the perfect place to hang out.

One of Spotless Homes’s first readers I finally managed to be part of this beautiful project.


Aaliyah Townsend (Author and Editor)

Aaliyah TownsendAt the age of 6, I decided that I would graduate in Literature. Seventeen years later I realized my dream of a child and, along with that, the desire to transform my passion for writing into a profession also began to take hold.

After a long collaboration with various web magazines, I came into contact with the big family of “Spotless Homes,” thanks to which I started writing for a new, exciting theme: the housing.

Thanks to this new collaboration, I can finally dedicate myself simultaneously to my two great passions: writing and working in the privacy of my home in the company of my cat.


Nathan Adams (Author)

Nathan AdamsFormer art historian, professional IT consultant. I’m passionate about art, architecture, cinema, fashion, and design.

On Spotless Homes I will tell you about the latest trends in home design, and I will point out some valid products that deserve to be known.


Isabelle Walton (Author)

Isabelle WaltonI have a degree in philosophy from the University of Birmingham and for over six years writing has been transformed for me from a mere passion into a job in full effects.

My house is also my work office, and this is where I am growing a child, my first daughter. So you understand that it is a place that I love, that I want to make more and more beautiful and welcoming, safe, even relaxing. I’ll share everything I’ve learned with you!


Harry Patterson (Author)

Harry PattersonMy passion for writing has deep roots and re-emerges every time I learn about topics that particularly interesting to me.

I started writing professionally about five years ago and still maintain the same enthusiasm today thanks to projects that are always fresh, dynamic and new.

Spotlesshomes.co.uk is one of these, a reality that gives me the opportunity to do what I love with the utmost freedom and support.


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