The shutters, as an alternative to the shutters, they are one of the most used blackout systems in our country and, if it is true that, for a period of time, they have been a little neglected, we must recognize that today they are back in fashion is always more often you opt for armored shutters, or with various types of systems that make them in some sense “unassailable”, or almost.

When it comes to fixtures, in fact, it is important to evaluate the safety of the chosen system, also because with the increase in thefts in homes, there is no need to be quiet even in one’s own home.

So let’s take a brief look at this type of elements, in general, to then focus on the armored models, their characteristics and the various types and degrees of security that I can offer you, making a quick excursus also on prices.

In this way we hope that, at the end of this reading, you have the clearest ideas about it and you can choose the armored shutter that you consider most suitable to defend your home properly and make you sleep peacefully!

The shutters: what they are and how they are made

Among the blackout systems still present on the market the shutters are certainly one of the oldest. For a long time they were snubbed and almost completely supplanted by the much more practical and economical shutters. In the last few years however, a little for aesthetic reasons ed a little to avoid thermal dispersion due to the presence of bins, are back in vogue is they are used more and more frequently, not only in renovations, but also in newly built homes.

In reality, with the Persian expression we can refer to things also quite different from each other, not only to see, but also in use.

In the common ideology, those are called shutters darkening systems, installed externally with respect to the frames and made up of two hinged doors, or in some cases even one, which when opened go “beat” against the outer wall of the facade. Normally, to prevent both the shutter and the façade from being damaged, fasteners are placed on the façade which do so, not only that they do not mark a wall or door, but also allow the door to be locked in such a way that does not move, banging with the first gust of wind, perhaps breaking or breaking the window.

These doors, in most cases, visually appear like this: there is one external frame that surrounds a whole series of parallel and inclined slats, fixed or adjustable, which can sometimes vary their angle of inclination, thus allowing, based on the needs of the moment, the entry of a greater or lesser amount of air and light. In some situations, then, the lower part of the slats can be openable, especially for windows and can be inclined all together, solidly with respect to the upper part, which instead continues to remain vertical.

However, there are also types of pmuch simpler ersian, where each leaf is formed by fully fixed panels, which do not allow any kind of adjustment of the inclination of the slats or movement of one part with respect to another. Extremely pthe most essential are those elements that are called “dark”: they are like shutters, but on balance we have to do with solid wooden tables, unique or made up of side-by-side planks, which, once closed, do not let either air or light pass and for this reason they isolate more and are used for more in the mountains where the climate is very rigid.

Among the models of blinds there are also more advanced ones than sliding, which can slide outside the masonry, always remaining in sight; or they can disappear inside the masonry thickness and in general the latter are coupled to doors or windows that can also open retractable and possibly to railings of the same type.

Finally it is necessary to specify that, once, then, land shutters were all rigorously made in wood, but today, exactly as it happens for the frames of the frames, also for these elements You can choose between wood, aluminum and PVC.

Shutters and security: armored shutters

Everyone’s trying to protect your home in the best possible way both from cold and atmospheric agents, but also and above all from possible burglary attempts and from acts of vandalism in general.

Today, then, the safety seems to be a increasingly pressing and felt problem, also because it seems you can no longer really sleep soundly and feel safe anywhere, for this reason more and more Italians use various types of systems safety: from burglar alarms and alarm systems and video surveillance, to security grilles and grilles, also passing through the installation of armored shutters or reinforced shutters and equipped with various burglar-proof systems.

So let’s see what we mean when we talk about armored shutters, how they are made, how many types there are and how much it can cost to install them on your windows.

The importance of wall anchoring and installation

When referring to shutters, of whatever type they are, we are talking about security, the first thing to watch out for, without forgetting to verify that the products you buy are always CE marked, concerns the anchoring system for wall elements.

Normally, in fact, the anchoring of all the shutters, even those not armored, is performed externally and directly on the wall.

For the safety of all it is good that this is achieved a rule of art so that the case cannot be verified that a poorly anchored shutter falls on the street or in one’s own garden seriously wounding anyone who is passing under it at that time.

Clearly, then, a well-executed anchor is also important to avoid that the shutters can easily be removed by some attacker who intends to open up an entrance to enter your home.

For this reason the wall anchoring of the counter frame of the armored shutters is fundamental that it is performed in a workmanlike manner, exclusively by expert and qualified personnel, better if with particularly resistant chemical tessellations.

Armored shutter materials

Another important aspect that characterizes armored shutters is the quality and type of materials with which they are made. Generally the security shutters they are all built in aluminum, or also in iron, materials in themselves more robust than wood or pvc.

Furthermore, internal or directly used reinforcements are inserted for the slats high thickness profiles, normally between 15 and 30 tenths of a millimeter and with a total weight of around 50 kg per square meter, so that they are as robust and unassailable as possible, so that even the most forced and unyielding thief is unable to to violate them.

The safety components of armored shutters

As regards the hinges then, those of an armored shutter, must be equipped with anti-slip pins and own cylinders particularly thick and tear-proof, that is able to withstand in an optimal way the cut caused by manual burglary tools.

THE more efficient models of armored shutters also present gods additional tear-proof bolts, or steel cylinders that anchor the shutters of the shutters to the external frame of the frame, guaranteeing maximum anti-burglar resistance, in the unfortunate event in which the criminals have managed to force the hinges.

Even the locks of armored shutters they must be particularly strong and burglar-proof; generally they are made in stainless steel high strength and have three or even five locking points.

Shutters armor classes

Just like with armored doors, too different security levels are provided for armored shutters, or different capacities to withstand attempts at break-in from outside. These are expressed, for each product, through a specification Class of membership. So let’s see what requirements each of the various classes on the market corresponds to.

Class 1

Those of Class 1 it’s shutters from the lowest performance level and are effective only against break-in attempts with bare hands;

Class 2

When talking about shutters of Class 2 we are dealing with elements resistant to break-in attempts made with the use of tackle Rather rudimentary, such as hammers, awls, or screwdrivers;

Class 3

Those of Class 3 they are more resistant than previous shutters, able to withstand tampering attempts they foresee the use of more sophisticated and professional tools, such as picks or crowbars;

Higher classes, from 4 to 6

The classy shutters higher than 3, or from 4 to 6, which is the highest possible, I’m in fact those best, those that we recommend to buy in order to sleep peacefully. These are shutters capable of resist rather serious attempts of forced entry, implemented by expert burglars and performed with complex equipment such as portable saws and drills (class 4), saber saws (class 5) or even high power saws (class 6).

How much do armored shutters cost?

As always, depending on the model and type of shutter chosen, of the class to which it belongs, finishing touches that characterize it e of the dimensions that this must have, the range of prices is very varied.

It starts from simpler whose cost is between 200 and 250 euros per square meter, to switch to good quality models, which generally cost twice the previous ones, up to to the safest, strongest and most refined shutters you will come to pay around to 800 euros / square meter or even more!

The advice in these cases is to always ask for more than a quote, contacting various manufacturers of fixtures; the important thing is that, in addition to the price, remember to analyze also the technical specifications of the products that are proposed to you, to be sure that you are buying exactly what you were looking for!

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