The modern style bedroom is distinguished from the others by some irreplaceable elements typical of the innovative design.

Of course, the main furnishing elements remain the backbone of a room that, to stand out, finds its strengths in something different. Let’s find out what it is all about.

The shapes, colors, materials and objects of your modern room

Modern design brings with it a wealth of innovative solutions that those who choose to furnish must necessarily be aware of. Some of these nuances mainly concern the line cleaning, i intense colors and the captivating shapes.

In color terms, the new design focuses on the elimination of opaque colors, in favor of bright colors like red or pure colors like white.

In these terms, the most used material on these variations is, of course, the glossy finish, able to guarantee that lacquered effect to your modern furnishing elements.

The use of mirrors in this case allows the expansion of space and the enhancement of this particular type of material. The rectangular shapes are part of the cultural background of design of the past. Your modern furnishing elements must play with new ideas: a round or even oval bed could guarantee the undisputed originality of your innovative room.

Another important inspiration for you could be to marry the minimalist cause in the furnishing of your room.

The minimal trend, in fact, is today much appreciated to the detriment of the sumptuous and massive furnishing characteristic of a few years ago.

But what does it mean in detail to opt for a modern decor for your room? Let’s find out more.

Modern furnishing elements for your room

As already mentioned, the modernity of your furniture is certainly based on a new idea and in line with the style of the most accredited designers at the moment. However, if your originality does not want to mix with the guidelines dictated by the professionals of the sector, it will be enough to use some precautions to achieve a modern and unique furniture.

The bedside tables in your modern room, for example, they must be lower than traditional ones and, to fully reflect the avant-garde style, they must be suspended from the floor or even tied to the base of the bed as if they were simple shelves.

The closet, will have to be close to the trends of the moment: certainly with sliding doors (better still if the latter are equipped with a mirror) and equipped with comforts that come close in shape and size to those guaranteed by a walk-in closet.

The dresser will have to maintain the style chosen for the rest of the furniture. Also in this case, the modern design does not recommend filling the spaces with accessories: leave the top of your chest of drawers free and marry the minimal line to the end.

Le abat jour they must be made of shiny and solid material. Do not consider the idea of ​​lamps wrapped in fabric or other materials. Of course, on the market there are a myriad of steel and derivative bedside lamps, with different colors able to give you that modern atmosphere you desire.

Another piece of furniture that can emphasize your avant-garde vision is, without a doubt, the mirror.

Try to opt for the large wall variant, with cool-colored frames like gray, silver, blue. As for the floor, the use of rugs it is surely a plus: remember, however, to abandon warm colors in favor of cold ones.

The fantasies will have to marry the abstract, without particular real references. This option can also apply to the choice of paintings or frames that should go to decorate the walls of your room.

The light in your modern room: turn on innovation

Finally, I believe it is necessary to treat the topic “lights” in your modern room. Of course, given the guidelines followed so far, the choice of neutral or cold chrome is logical.

These types of colors, together with the others selected for your furnishing elements, guarantee continuity to the original idea that arose at the beginning of your furnishing adventure.

In this sense, there are new cutting-edge products able to provide you with lighting suitable for a true and authentic modern bedroom.

An example is the led strips currently on the market: these special illuminated bands guarantee maximum efficiency with minimum energy expenditure. New technologies like these could be for you: therefore experienced without fear of innovation.

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Ellen McCarthy
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