– The importance of proper rest and the choice of a pillow

Why is it important to use a cervical pillow? The answer is simple: sleeping well at night allows you to face your day better, but also to regenerate your muscles and tissues, protecting them from premature aging.

Unfortunately, relaxing sleep is not always easy to reach and more and more people complain of bad sleep and, above all, of not finding the right pillow that guarantees good head support. Many have found an excellent solution by choosing to sleep with a cervical pillow.

Many people wake up with neck pains, headaches, nausea and eye or balance discomfort: these problems are often linked to inflammation of the cervical spine, that is, one of the vertebrae in the spine. It is a pain that can vary in duration depending on the origin.

Wrong postures, in fact, lead to a tightening of the shoulders and neck with consequent inflammation of the cervical. In other cases, traumas or accidents can lead to a chronicization of the problem which, therefore, leads sufferers to pay the utmost attention both to the choice of pillow and to different daily activities, in particular those that require postures that lead to stiffening from shoulders and neck like typing on a computer, working at a desk or whatever.

If the treatment for serious and complex situations must be addressed in the medical field, it is nevertheless recognized that a great contribution to the problem comes from the choice of a right pillow, that is a pillow that has specific shape and materials, able to support the neck and head allowing full relaxation of muscles during sleep.

However, the anti-cervical pillows must be selected on the basis of a series of characteristics, ie they are not all the same and do not all perform the same function. For this reason they should also be tested and evaluated based on the type of inflammation, be it more or less serious, to the positions in which it is usual to sleep and, above all, according to the needs and subjective habits.

– Cervical pillow how to use it depending on the model

The choice of pillow for cervical should be made taking into account two main elements, shape and materials.

But how come the same type of pillow can be made in different shapes and materials?

The answer is very simple and it is that it depends on the personal needs of those who use the pillow, on the occasions in which it is used and on the positions in which it is customary to sleep, ie supine, prone or on one side.

Below we will see what are the forms and materials that are mostly used to make specific pillows for those with cervical problems.

Wave pillow

This model is used for night pillows and represents a solution that can be considered classic as it is one of the first to arrive on the market.

Characterized by a wave shape, it has different inclinations, height and wavelength depending on the models. You can therefore find cushions with different waves, just to satisfy the different needs, above all physical, of those who use the pillow.

Butterfly cushion

This model is not very well known or common but it represents a valid solution for those who have trouble sleeping due to neck pain.

The shape, typical of a butterfly, provides a longer central part on which the head rests, while the shorter side areas do not disturb the correct position of the shoulders. The latter, in fact, for a correct posture, must rest on the bed and not on the pillow.

Travel pillow

When facing journeys of medium-long duration it can happen to find yourself, on arrival at your destination, with a stiff and stiff neck because you had to keep an incorrect position for too long.

To avoid problems while traveling, it can be useful to choose to use a travel cervical pillow, with a classic horseshoe shape. It is a very soft pillow model, which allows you to guarantee the right support for the neck when sitting for a long time.

– Latex or memory foam? orthopedic pillow & memory for cervical

Cervical cushions are usually made with two main types of materials, namely latex or memory foam. The reason why we prefer pillows of this type is that both materials are soft but non-deformable, so they guarantee perfect support to the head.

However, these two elements are not interchangeable or equal, but present a series of differences, some objective, others purely subjective.

Latex pillows

Latex is a natural material characterized by a spongy structure. The presence of a high number of pores inside allows the latex to be highly breathable: this means that any moisture cannot stagnate inside it and, therefore, a latex can hardly mold with a cushion. Furthermore, its natural derivation makes this material particularly suitable for those suffering from allergies as it is completely anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic.

When it comes to latex pillows for cervical it is likely that on the market you can find very different prices between them.

The explanation is very simple: latex is a very expensive material so if they are found latex pillows at a low price it is because they are not made of 100% in this natural material but are mixed with other materials that do not however alter the main properties of the latex itself.

Memory foam cushions

Memory foam is a particular material characterized by high elasticity and flexibility.

It has a high viscosity and is able to adapt to the different curves of the body and, in particular, of the head, neck and shoulders. This results in a perfect distribution of the pressures which leads to guaranteeing greater or less support depending on the different parts resting on the pillow.

The memory foam has this name because it is a foam that has memory: in fact for about thirty seconds the pillow keeps the imprint of the part of the body that has rested and then returns to its initial shape.

One of the strengths of memory foam is that it presents a relatively low cost compared to other high quality materials used for making pillows, whether they are for cervical support or not.

– Other aspects to consider in the choice

When you buy a pillow for your cervical spine, you often make the mistake of evaluating only the shape and the material. However, there are also two other very important parameters that allow the cushion to achieve its purpose: size and lift.

Regarding the dimensions, particular attention must be paid to the height. However, this should not be evaluated objectively but with respect to the dimensions of the shoulders and neck of the person who will be sleeping there.

A pillow that can therefore be high for a particular person may instead be perfect for another. The height must therefore be assessed in a subjective manner, so that the natural curvature of the neck is not stressed and put under tension.

The lift, on the other hand, is a measure of the hardness of the pillow. It should not be confused with the density of the materials since materials of equal density can have a different hardness and vice versa depending on how the pillow is made.

Also the lift, like the height, can be considered a subjective factor: if on the one hand, in fact, the best cervical pillows they are characterized by a lift that falls within a specific range, the preference for a more or less hard model is purely subjective.

– Does the cervical pillow work?

Surely this is a question that often arises before opting for the purchase of this or that pillow model. The answer is that the cervical pillows work as long as you know how to use them correctly and how to take care of them.

First of all, therefore, it is important to be able to try your own pillow before buying. In this way you can be sure of choosing a model that is of the right height, that is to say that it is actually able to relax the neck muscles. Furthermore, it will be possible to assess whether the selected rigidity is the one most suited to one’s needs.

The correct use of the cervical pillow is essential in order to guarantee a safe result. When you go to sleep, therefore, it is good to position the head correctly, which must be well balanced and placed so as to keep the shoulders out of the pillow itself.

It should be emphasized that cervical cushions should only be used in certain positions and are not suitable for those who usually sleep on their stomachs. Furthermore, they should not be used to support the legs in the event of circulation problems or positioned behind the back to relieve tired lumbar muscles after long hours at the computer. In this way, in fact, there is the risk of damaging the materials that characterize the cushion with unsuitable pressures and weights.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of the cushion is essential not only to ensure greater hygiene, but also to keep the elastic and support properties of the cushion intact.

For proper cleaning it is advisable to carefully check the manufacturer’s instructions since certain materials such as pure latex and memory foam should never be wet. For this reason it is important to use only the cleaning products indicated on the information sheet. Furthermore it is advisable to change the direction of the cushion regularly, so as to ensure the correct maintenance of the shapes.

When you realize that cervical problems persist despite the use of a specific pillow for this problem, it may be useful to first make sure that you have chosen a pillow that meets your needs.

For example, we often buy memory foam cushions because they are attracted by the peculiarity of this material. However, if those who use this pillow move a lot during the night, they will not find any benefit from the memory foam that, instead, guarantees a very high support to those who sleep on their stomachs and move little during the night.


The large number of cervical pillow models that can be found in specialty stores, whether they are physical or online stores, can often create difficulties in choosing which model is best suited to your needs.

As pointed out, there are some objective characteristics for choosing the best pillow for cervical osteoarthritis, while others are purely subjective. The following are some of the best recognized solutions.

1. Cushion in Memory Foam Double Hollow Wave Pattern with Marcapiuma protective cover

This memory foam cervical pillow is made of high-density material that guarantees perfect support to the head by relieving neck tension. The memory foam is made in such a way as to contain a micro-puncture inside the structure that ensures greater breathability of the material, thus making it fresher.

Completely antiallergic, this pillow has been studied not only for those who have problems with tension in the neck and shoulders but also for those with allergy problems of various types and need an environment purified from allergens.

The shape of the pillow is double wave. It is therefore one of the classic forms to improve the support of the head and shoulders, guarantee a high level of support and avoid stressful stress on these parts of the body.

The measurements are 42 × 72 centimeters with regard to width and length. The height, on the other hand, varies between eight and ten centimeters depending on the size along the wave. Externally it is covered with a 100% cotton pillowcase equipped with a practical zip for washing.

It should be emphasized that while the pillowcase can be washed without any problem being completely in cotton, the pillow should never be washed or exposed to the sun as in this case the structure and elasticity of the memory foam would be damaged.

This pillow is shipped rolled up and protected by a nylon coating that guarantees maximum safety and hygiene.

Once purchased, it must be opened and left for a few minutes to take its own form. Being made of memory foam, in fact, the cushion is non-deformable and for this reason even after bending it tends to return to its original shape in a short time.

An important detail to underline for those who want to purchase the Double Foam Wave Foam Memory Foam Pillow with a Marcapiuma protective cover is that it is classified as a class 1 medical device and is therefore tax deductible at 19% of IRPEF. For this reason, at the time of purchase, the tax code is required to issue the invoice.

2. Ergonomic cushion in Goldflex natural latex

This cervical pillow is made of natural latex and has a relatively high height of 15 centimeters. It should be immediately pointed out that in many product descriptions it is noted that the height is 17 centimeters but then, when reading the technical specifications, the precise measurements are given, ie 72x41x15 centimeters.

15 centimeters are still a high height, if we consider that the classic pillows have heights between eight and ten centimeters. For this reason, the pillow is perfect for those looking for a high pillow.

The shape of this pillow is the soap one, that is the classic pillow, without waves. Cervical support is guaranteed by the density and lift that make this cheek stiff enough to ensure a relaxed posture and relieve tension in the neck and shoulders.

Being made of latex, the pillow ensures a series of important features: it is in fact a fresh, breathable and hypoallergenic material, perfect for those who suffer from allergic problems. The external coating is made of 100% cotton.

All the main features related to the quality of the pillow are OEKO-TEX certified: it is an independent control system that issues certifications exclusively to those products that do not contain harmful substances and follow all the regulations regarding the production of materials that are safe for the health of the user.

3. Cervical Travel Pillow by Bonmedico

This pillow is a travel model, characterized by the classic horseshoe shape, which can be used to support the neck and head during long journeys by car, train, ship or plane but not only.

It can also be a valid support when you go to the cinema or when you are at home on the sofa reading or watching television. Finally, it can be a perfect solution following accidents, when more support is needed at the neck and head during a rehabilitation phase.

It is a model made of memory foam to ensure plastic support to the head, which can then be positioned on the pillow so as to eliminate all tension.

The relaxing effect this pillow has on the neck muscles is not only due to the memory foam but also to the specific shape and the covering materials of the pillow. This, in fact, is covered with a layer of refreshing gel and a 100% pure cotton pillowcase. The latter is also removable and machine washable at 30 ° C, allowing the cushion to be always clean even after long journeys.

The utmost attention must be paid to the fact that while the pillowcase is washable, the memory foam part must never be placed in contact with the water so as not to damage its visco-elastic characteristics.

The pillow can be carried anywhere thanks to the practical travel case that allows a correct conservation, isolating it from the sun’s rays and protecting it in case of rain.

The correct use of the pillow during travel ensures the maintenance of a relaxed posture, with a correct alignment of the spine and, in particular, of the vertebrae of the neck.

It can be used both by cervical sufferers and by those who simply feel the need for greater neck support during travel or long hours in the office, sitting at a desk. In this way it is possible to use Bonmedico’s Cervical Travel Pillow also as a preventive measure. For this reason, it can also be used as an original gift idea for friends and relatives.

4. Orthopedic pillow & memory for cervical Evergreenweb Materassi & Beds

This cervical solution is made of a special high density memory foam. To improve transpiration, which is usually not high in this material, the manufacturer has created a special micro-punching able not only to ensure greater breathability, but also to increase the anti-mite and anti-allergic characteristics of this material.

The pillow has the classic soap shape, with dimensions of 72x42x12 cm.

When it is necessary to take into account the height it is important to remember that the weight of the head tends to make the cushion lower slightly so that this pillow can be considered a model that is not too high.

It should also be remembered that memory foam has self-modeling characteristics that guarantee the perfect hold of the weight of the head and neck, adapting to their shape and supporting its weight.

The pillow retains the memory of the shape for just under a minute and this makes it perfect for those who have a way of sleeping that is calm or little. Conversely, those who spend restless nights may have difficulty sleeping on a memory foam pillow, despite the high comfort that is initially felt.

The orthopedic & memory pillow for cervical of Evergreenweb Materassi & Beds presents a 100% natural cotton pillowcase, completely breathable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It is also enriched with essential oils of aloe vera, which ensure greater softness to the cotton, giving it refreshing and relaxing characteristics. The pillowcase has a zip and can therefore be removed for regular washing in a washing machine.

This model of pillow is classified by the Ministry of Health as a class 1 medical device and can be deducted from taxes as a health expense. The income tax deduction for this type of medical device is 19%.

– Further considerations on the types of cervical pillow

When a very sedentary life takes place, regardless of the type of work, it can be verified that the muscles of the neck are continuously kept in tension or that, on the other hand, they completely lose their tone.

In both cases it is very common to find yourself suffering from continuous pain that can be torticollis, stiffening or real inflammation. In fact, if the cases of trauma or those related to old age are eliminated, most people who suffer from neck pain can be found among those who live constantly seated, both at the desk and in the car and perform little physical activity.

If on the one hand those with cervical problems due to incorrect postures can find an excellent support trying to improve the alignment of the column through specific gymnastics, on the other it is possible to intervene even during the night, opting for a pillow that is able to ensure the right relief for the neck and head.

As already underlined, in many cases the choice of the pillow can be subjective: this above all as regards the height, the shape or the type of material.

Some people, in fact, prefer latex to memory foam or vice versa, some look for a higher height, others opt for lower pillows and still there are those who prefer a very large pillow instead of more square shapes.

Among the different forms of pillows it should also be highlighted the cylindrical one that can be considered one of the first anti-cervical solutions but which in recent times has been replaced with more success by the wave forms.

The cylindrical pillow was used to completely stretch the vertebrae of the neck and guarantee a perfect relaxation of the same. However it was not a very comfortable solution for which in recent times it has fallen into disuse.

Anyone who found benefit from this type of shape can still find several brands that make cylindrical cushions but with modern materials, such as latex and memory foam.

It may happen that when you buy a pillow against the cervical area recommended by a friend or relative, you find yourself with a product that is not really effective as it was shown to us. The reason may be that not everyone sleeps in the same way and, above all, we don’t all suffer from the same kind of disorder.

Speaking of cervical pain, in fact, is a bit generic given that the causes and the level of the problem can be different from person to person. For this reason, before buying a pillow, it is important to carry out tests, so that you can assess the height, the position of your body and, above all, its comfort.

– Objective and subjective characteristics

Many cervical pillows are made by specialized product brands and accessories health and, therefore, are recognized as class I medical devices.

What does it mean? It means that these are products for which the therapeutic use, prevention or control of a particular physical problem or disease has been recognized. In order to be recognized by the Ministry of Health as a class I medical device it is necessary that the cushions are made of specific materials and, of course, that their therapeutic use be recognized.

Buying a pillow with such recognition therefore means opting for an objectively valid product.

Naturally, as already highlighted previously, the types of cervical pain are different, so it is said that the high quality of a pillow is not enough to guarantee a full recovery from the problem.

In many cases the different parameters that characterize the pillow must also be taken into consideration, including in particular the shape and height.

These elements represent the subjective part of the pillow choice. Once the quality of the product has been defined, in fact, it is essential to evaluate individual comfort, carefully evaluating the dimensions, height and materials.

Depending on the type of cervical problem, therefore, a higher or lower pillow may be needed, which supports or relaxes the neck muscles, which is non-deformable or which takes the shape of the head. These aspects must be carefully evaluated before purchasing to avoid the risk of making a wrong purchase.

We often hear about how the position taken during the night is essential to define what type of pillow to buy. Most cervical cushions are made to support the neck when lying supine or on the hips.

It is not suitable when sleeping in a prone or fetal position. In this case, in fact, it can be much more useful to sleep without a pillow or a soft pillow since the position leads to different pressures of the neck and head that cannot be supported by visco-elastic materials such as latex and above all memory foam .

Finally, when it comes to subjectivity we must never forget to also evaluate the price. The cervical pillows have prices that, compared to other pillows, are certainly much higher. However it must be remembered that when you buy an anti-cervical model you are not just buying a pillow, but a real cure for a problem or illness.

For this reason it is good to carefully evaluate the technical characteristics so as to have the security of a good investment over time. The cushions with the highest price, in fact, can guarantee a longer average duration over time because they are made with materials of high quality and invoice.

Care and maintenance of cervical pillows

One of the most important aspects to consider when buying latex pillows or in memory foam for the cervical is that these two materials are not washable with water. However, this does not mean that they cannot always be kept cared for and cleaned.

To have always perfect pillows able to last for a long time it is important to follow a series of important rules, some valid for both materials, others relating only to one or the other.

First you need to read the leaflet carefully. Inside, in fact, the different maintenance methods are reported and the behaviors that can be defined as risky for a correct conservation of the cushion are underlined.

Latex pillows are very porous and breathable, so they do not fear humidity and mold. Furthermore, they are anti-bacterial because they are completely natural. This means that they require very little maintenance.

First of all, if the pillow is not supplied, it is important to use a pillowcase cover made of resistant cotton on which the bed linen pillowcase will be inserted.

In this way it will be possible to protect your pillow from any make-up marks not well removed before going to bed, from any hair products or other types of dirt that can come into contact with the pillow.

The choice to use a cushion cover is also essential in the case of memory foam cushions. This type of material can be of two different types depending on the production brand. Unlike latex, in fact, memory foam is not porous in nature, so it may be warmer and subject to retaining moisture.

To overcome this problem the best producers have started to produce porous memory foams which, although they cannot reach the levels of transpiration of latex, are certainly much better than the classic memory. Also in this case, the cover with a pillowcase is essential to ensure greater protection for the pillow.

Under no circumstances should both materials be washed unless clearly indicated on the instructions on the leaflet. Lattice and memory foam, in fact, if placed in water, would lose all their visco-elastic characteristics with consequent problems linked to a correct neck and head support.

It should be specified that when the cushions are washable in most cases it is not a 100% latex or memory foam product, but of materials mixed with air or water foams. However, these are materials characterized by a high density and able to guarantee good support and support but not comparable with those completely made of latex or memory foam.

Another particularity common to the two materials is that of being ruined if exposed to strong sources of heat or direct sunlight.

The strong heat, in fact, leads to deformations and variations of the visco-elastic characteristics of the two materials which, just like in the case of washing in water, would result in a loss of quality of the head and neck support.

For this reason it is very important to have a high care of your cushions for the cervical trying to keep them away from heat sources and simply making them ventilate regularly every two to three weeks.

These particular attentions are valid not only for the night pillows but also and above all for those to be used when seated, whether they are for travel, work or relaxation. Especially considering that travel cushions come into contact with a large number of surfaces between aircraft, train, car and ship seats, it is important that, at the time of purchase, models are chosen with a removable and washable pillowcase. In this way it will be possible to have the assurance of always maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

– To conclude

As you may have understood from this article, opting for an anti-cervical pillow is essential not only to try to give relief to an already sore neck and shoulders, but also to prevent wrong postures during the day.

Studies conducted on posture and lifestyle in recent years have highlighted how more and more people suffer from neck and shoulder stiffness problems not due to traumas but simply due to wrong attitudes that have occurred over the years .

With time, in fact, the accumulated tensions lead to chronic inflammation of the muscles of the neck and vertebrae with the consequent birth of typical pain.

During the night it is very common that the pains become acute and that the neck and head cannot find a correct position preventing a complete and regenerating rest. The reason, in this case, is to be found in the pillow selection which in many cases, instead of providing the right support to the neck, leads him to assume even more rigid positions with a consequent increase in pain.

Until now it has not yet been pointed out that when we talk about cervical pains, we do not only mean a problem related to the neck, but we can have different evidences of this pathology: headache, eyestrain, dizziness and nausea are all symptoms of a possible cervical problem.

It is also important to pay attention to other problems that may be associated with cervical pain: often, in fact, those suffering from neck and shoulder stiffness can also have back pain. These are always problems strictly related to posture.

If on the one hand the correct use of a pillow can resolve or at least reduce neck pain, for problems relating to the back it is necessary to focus on choosing the right mattress.

Of course, the two elements always go hand in hand since the combination of high quality orthopedic mattress and pillow made with specific shapes and materials for a correct support of the body, allow to improve the tensions of the whole body and, therefore, to solve a large number of problems deriving precisely from incorrect muscular tension. There are various mattress and support solutions to consider if you have cervical problems.

Finally, before buying a cervical pillow and possibly a mattress, it may be advisable to seek advice from your doctor who can assess the seriousness of the problem and, therefore, suggest that you request a pillow that can be recognized as a medical device.

In this way, in addition to having a convenient tax reduction, you can be sure of a product that has actually been designed and built to ensure proper neck and head support.

Not all latex or memory foam pillows are specific for the cervical so it is good to check carefully before proceeding with the purchase so as not to have unpleasant surprises.

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