The nasal retractors are small devices made in a special synthetic material that does not cause irritation or allergies, to be inserted into the nasal cavities to make breathing easier.

The effectiveness of these accessories is mainly due to their action against the nasal valve, a physiological narrowing located in the anterior portion of the nose cavity, in order to improve the passage of air and facilitate the mechanism of nasal breathing.

Obviously, a nasal dilator it is not able to act in the case of a strongly deviated nasal septum or of any other anatomical deformation of the structure of the nose, however it is a very easy to use, safe, economical device which does not involve any contraindication.

– Nasal breathing and dilator use

Nasal breathing is very important for providing the respiratory system and lungs with the air necessary for oxygenation of the organism and the elimination of carbon dioxide.

Through the nose, the air coming from the outside is slightly heated, humidified and filtered by any dust, thanks to the particular conformation of the nostrils and the nasal septum and to the continuous production of mucus.

It often happens, however, that the nasal cavities are narrower than the norm, making the rather difficult breathing, thus forcing you to breathe through your mouth and not being able to enjoy the benefits of proper nasal breathing.

The reasons that cause difficulties in the passage of air through the nasal cavities can be of different nature, both anatomically and due to specific problems, such as congenital malformations or consequences of traumas and pathologies.

Generally, i problems with incomplete or incorrect nasal breathing may be due to:

  • a physiological conformation of the undersized nasal passages;
  • a deviation of the nasal septum, natural or caused by a trauma;
  • a physiological narrowing of the nasal valves;
  • a hypertrophy of the nasal passages due to allergies or forms of chronic inflammation.

To solve a problem with a deviated nasal septum or poorly developed nasal passages, the only solution is often surgical. Otherwise, for problems related to too narrow nasal valves or sometimes to hypertrophy of the nasal basins, it is not uncommon for the use of a nasal dilator to be effective.

– When it is advisable to use a nasal retractor

A situation in which a nasal dilator can be particularly indicated refers primarily to cases of difficult nasal breathing, typical of people who snore often during sleep.

When this kind of problem occurs, the nasal dilator is ideal to promote sleep and rest and, consequently, to have better physical and mental performance during the day.

Anyone who is subject to snoring during sleep, with consequent discomfort and family or cohabitant, can easily use a silicone nasal dilator of excellent quality even regularly, inserting it into the nostrils before falling asleep.

Other people, even in the absence of snoring problems, may find it beneficial to wear the nasal retractor to stimulate concentration during work or study or again for improve sports performance thanks to proper nasal breathing.

Obviously, even if the prolonged and continuous use of a nasal dilator or a nasal anti-snoring ring does not entail particular problems, to obtain greater benefits it is advisable to use them occasionally and when necessary, and possibly to seek advice from the doctor or to an otolaryngologist specialist.

– Characteristics and use of a nasal anti-snoring dilator

The snoring problem it is very widespread and equally annoying, not only for those who are afflicted but also for its relatives and for people who share the same home. Although snoring is a discomfort typical of adult and elderly men, it also affects many women and a certain percentage of young people.

The most common causes of snoring

Generally, snoring is caused by one partial physiological obstruction of the upper respiratory tract and from the consequent vibration of the walls of the pharynx, of the soft palate, of the epiglottis and of a part of the tongue.

The continuous oscillation of these tissues causes resistance variable due to the passage of air, with the result of the characteristic sound of “snoring”.

The nasal cavities, although not directly involved in producing the snoring noise, if obstructed or physiologically too narrow could contribute to causing this disorder.

The nasal dilator to reduce the problem of snoring

Especially in subjects showing an abnormally restricted nasal valve, the application of a nasal dilator it is one of the most effective, proven and free of side effects methods for not snoring at night.

Considered for a long time as simple devices useful to improve breathing during sport or to promote sleep at night, nasal dilators have instead proved to be the ideal tools to avoid in many cases resorting to surgery.

The action of the nasal dilator against obstruction problems

In the mechanical aspect, a nasal dilator fits into the nostrils in order to expand the diameter, and therefore to facilitate the passage of air and breathing: a more than effective remedy for those suffering from a partial nasal obstruction or even a slight deviation of the septum.

Nasal obstruction is a widespread condition, which may be of natural origin or caused by trauma, an intervention that has not been carried out correctly, a breakdown of tissues due to age or a trauma.

In the past, surgery was the most widely used method of resolution, while it has often been proven that regular use of a suitable nasal dilator favors a noticeable improvement in nasal breathing and, consequently, also a reduction in the problem of night snoring.

A safe device to avoid drugs and surgery

Nasal rings, clips, silicone dilators and nasal patches reduce the sense of discomfort due to obstruction of the nasal valve and sometimes even to the presence of a not perfectly rectilinear nasal septum, with the result of favoring sleep, reduce or eliminate snoring episodes is increase endurance during physical activity, thanks to a greater and more constant supply of oxygen.

For this reason, even doctors and specialists, before recommending surgery, suggest that the patient try for a certain period to use a silicone nasal dilator or a specific plaster.

Moreover, scientific and technological research has allowed us to considerably improve these devices, which today guarantee maximum safety and come made with totally hypoallergenic materials and can be considered practically free of contraindications.

Pay attention to how the nasal dilator is used

Of course, to obtain an appreciable result, it is recommended to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of respect scrupulous hygiene both of the skin and of the device itself and to replace it as indicated: generally, the patches must be changed every 12 hours while silicone dilators, if used continuously, can be used for periods not exceeding 30 days, washing them thoroughly with hot water and soap after each use.


In online stores and in specialized stores it is possible to find different models of dilators, clips and nasal rings suitable for solving problems of nose breathing and snoring and wear without problems both during sleep and during the day.

The choice is subjective and it depends on the type of problem to be solved and on the conformation of the nasal cavities, however in most cases they can be of great help in treating the discomfort of night snoring and nasal breathing difficulties due to congestion, allergies, restriction of air passage or tissue collapse.

In cases of sleep apnea, the suggestion is to contact a doctor beforehand to evaluate the ideal solution method, however the nasal dilator, besides being undoubtedly cheap, it is not not at all invasive and does not provoke no side effects: for this reason it is always advised to try it.

1. Best Breathe anatomical nasal dilator

The Best Breathe nasal dilator is a anatomical device designed specifically to facilitate nasal breathing, to combat the problem of snoring, promote sleep and increase sports and physical performance.

The anatomical conformation allows to wear the device with extreme ease, in such a way that does not involve any discomfort nor can it move or fall during sporting activity.

The material used for the manufacture of this nasal dilator is medical silicone soft and comfortable, excellent quality, easy to keep clean with simple soap and water.

The function of this device is to favor the entry of air through the nose, offering a feeling of well-being and increasing resistance during physical and sports activity in general. It is made in three different sizes, S, M and XL: to find the most suitable one, it is advisable to buy the trial pack containing the three sizes.

The regular use of the Best Breathe nasal dilator is not only ideal for snoring, but also for nasal breathing difficulties due to chronic allergies and inflammation, with the double advantage to avoid the use of antihistamine nasal sprays and to encourage breathing from the nose, which reduces the entry of germs, dust and cold air into the lungs.

2. Incutex nasal patches to reduce snoring and promote nasal breathing

The Incutex nasal patches represent one of the better and cheaper solutions to promote nasal breathing, reduce snoring and contribute to well-being especially during sport and physical activity, even in the case of colds, chronic rhinitis and allergies.

The use of these patches is very easy: just remove the protective film and apply the patch on perfectly clean and dry skin, lightly pressing the two side parts to fix it.

The nasal patch can be used only once for a maximum period of twelve hours and can be easily removed in the shower or simply by washing the face.

Once worn, the anti-snoring plaster is comfortable and effective, does not irritate the skin, guarantees a long and perfect seal and can be maintained both at night, during sleep, and during sporting activity or during work.

There pack with 50 pieces it is convenient and ideal for never being left out. To obtain an appreciable result it is recommended to apply the patch at least for six consecutive nights, and during the day during training and physical activity.

Although it is not a corrective device, it can also be helpful in case of deviated nasal ejection, to avoid snoring and to promote rest, both in sport and in everyday life.

3. CoziBreath anti-snoring nasal dilator

The CoziBreath nasal dilator was designed to solve the problem of snoring, but also to promote proper nasal breathing and, consequently, good oxygenation of the body.

The use of this device is ideal in the case of night snoring and difficulty in sleeping and resting satisfactorily, but also in those who often suffer from allergic cold, rhinitis, chronic inflammation of nasal cavities, asthma, mild sleep apnea and problems due to frequent air travel.

The device is made in BPA free medical silicone absolutely safe and comfortable, no risk of allergies and can be easily washed with soap and water.

It is offered in a pack of 30 pieces in one size or assorted size (S, M, L, XL): the first time, to find the most suitable size, it is advisable to buy the package that contains all the sizes.

The use of this nasal dilator is recommended for athletes who practice cycling, walking or running, to those who snore during night rest and to those who wear protective helmets and masks during work.

In the case of snoring due to the narrowing of the nasal cavities, the nasal dilator is often an effective and non-invasive solution, which avoids the use of antihistamines and surgical treatments.

If used regularly every day, it is recommended to wash the nasal dilator and regularly replace it at least every 30 days, in any case, following the instructions and instructions on the packaging.

– Conclusions

The physiological obstruction of the nose is a very common characteristic that, even if it does not involve particular dangers, can be annoying and cause, over time, nasal breathing difficulties, mild sleep apnea, snoring and reduction in sports and physical performance.

The application of a nasal dilator in many situations it is considered the best solution, avoiding having to undergo surgery but also resorting to anti-inflammatory and antihistamine nasal sprays too frequently, for the benefit of the whole body.

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