Among all the choices in terms of furnishing we can work for our home, i bridge furniture they undoubtedly represent one of the most strategic of all. In fact, thanks to their characteristic shape, they offer the great advantage of save a lot of space, as well as being aesthetically beautiful to look at.

One of the pieces of furniture belonging to this typology that is most successful is undoubtedly the wardrobe.

Choosing a bridge wardrobe, in fact, means wanting for your own bedroom a certain type of provision which usually consists in exploiting the space that is created under the piece of furniture in question, choosing to occupy it (often, but not always) with our bed.

In this guide, therefore, we will concentrate precisely on this particular type of wardrobe, which is increasingly requested as the fulcrum of the furnishing of bedrooms.

This also by virtue of his great versatility, which allows the bridge wardrobe to be positioned according to the tastes and desires of the home owner, depending on the type of arrangement he wants to give to his room.

If, therefore, you are looking for some inspiration or a creative idea that makes you want to buy this type of wardrobe, then you are in the right place. In order to be as precise and clear as possible, however, we will begin this guide by speaking in general of the advantages and disadvantages of using a bridge wardrobe.

Advantages and disadvantages of its use

Although the bridge wardrobe apparently represents one of the best solutions that we can choose to furnish our room, because of its pleasant aesthetic form and for the considerable space saving that it is able to give us, as every other thing also has its own disadvantages.

Before going on to list them, however, it is good to focus on what are its undoubted potentialities.

Advantages of the bridge wardrobe

  1. The main feature of this piece of furniture is the fact that it has a structure that is particularly versatile, to the point of adapting perfectly to any type of bedroom, from those with single beds to double beds. The only thing to pay attention to, of course, is relative to dimensions of the bridge wardrobe, which must obviously adapt to those of the room.
  2. The bridge wardrobe is available in thousands of variations and different solutions, further proof of its incredible versatility. Depending on the type of room we need to furnish, we can choose the way to position it. A very creative and decidedly space-saving idea, for example, is that of the corner bridge wardrobe, which will allow us to exploit the junction of two walls in a creative and effective manner.
  3. Its peculiar conformation, which alternates long and narrow doors with others that are wider and more spacious, allows to give our clothes a very precise order, allowing us to divide them more effectively and in a much easier way.
  4. Her aesthetics it is definitely better than that of the traditional wardrobe: a room with a bridge wardrobe, therefore, will tend to look more beautiful to look at than one that is used instead of the traditional wardrobe.

Disadvantages of the bridge wardrobe

  1. The first and most obvious disadvantage of the bridge wardrobe is when we decide to use it for the most classic use, ie exploit its natural niche to place the bed. Sleeping under a bridge wardrobe, in fact, means not seeing the ceiling, but a shelf half a meter from our head that, in claustrophobic people, could generate a sense of suffocation.
  2. Since this is a suspended solution, we must put a minimum of attention to the things we decide to put into it. Excessively heavy boxes, for example, it would be better to avoid them, since they would end up too heavy on a structure that, for the note, does not rest on the ground.

As we can see, therefore, even an object of furniture so versatile and creative as the bridge wardrobe still has some small negative side.

The advantages, however, win overwhelmingly, which leads us directly to the next paragraph. In it, in fact, mindful of all its many positive sides, we will try to provide some small creative advice useful for its accommodation within our bedrooms, whether they be double rooms with a single bed.

The bed with bridge wardrobe: advice on how to make it

As we have previously stated, this type of bedroom furniture really lends itself to many uses.

This is all the more true if we speak of a modular bridge wardrobe, which leaves us the most complete freedom in terms of how and where to put it. In general, however, the bridge wardrobe is mainly used to gather both the bed and the wardrobe near a single wall, with a consequent saving of considerable space.

This obviously makes it perfect solution forsmall bedrooms, especially those of children, who may be home to more than one bed.

Many people, however, are so fascinated by its characteristic shape and its advantages that they even use it in a completely different type of room, such as double rooms.

Our analysis, therefore, will start from the latter, thus trying to understand what its potential for exploitation is if placed inside a chamber of this type.

Double bed with bridge wardrobe: creative ideas

Choosing a bridge wardrobe for the master bedroom could prove to be an excellent solution if it is particularly small. In this case, in fact, using this type of wardrobe will allow us to place it on the same wall as the bed, with considerable space savings.

So let’s see what some of them might be more creative solutions to make the most of this type of accommodation.

  1. Rustic style bridge wardrobe

This solution is perfect for all those who love rustic style, characterized by intense colors and natural materials.

The bridge wardrobe, in this case, should be made in warm wood tones and maybe be inserted on a wall with exposed bricks. The impression, for those who will sleep under it, will be to wake up every morning in a refined country house.

2. Bridge wardrobe with LED lights

Contrary to the previous proposal, this is particularly suitable for people who love modern and cutting-edge solutions. Equip the bridge wardrobe with practical and ecological LED lights, therefore, could prove to be a brilliant idea.

Not only will we be able to enjoy a light placed directly above our head (perfect for those who love reading before falling asleep), but the use of this particular type of lighting will equip our wardrobe and, consequently, our bedroom, of that ‘futuristic and avant-garde look that we like so much.

3. Bridge wardrobe with shelves

This solution represents absolutely the most practical and strategic, since it allows you to exploit the space created by the bridge wardrobe in a double manner.

In this case, in fact, we will not limit ourselves to occupying it only with our bed but, above it, we will make a series of small shelves or niches, within which we can then store our books and our knick-knacks. Taking advantage of an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis type, therefore, the saving of space reaches its maximum level.

Single bed with bridge wardrobe: ideas for children’s rooms

As we have previously stated, even more than for the master bedroom, the bridge wardrobe with the single bed represents the ideal solution for those rooms that host more than one person or, rather, more than one child.

Many parents, in fact, choose to adopt this practical solution for their children’s bedroom and the following ideas we propose may therefore be very useful for the purpose.

  1. Bridge wardrobe with more than one bed

In case you have a sufficiently large wall, a brilliant idea could be to host on it not one bed but two. Such as? Very simply, creating a large bridge wardrobe that winds along the entire wall and is equipped with two niches instead of one.

Under each niche, therefore, the corresponding bed will be placed. A variant of this solution, in the case in which the available space does not allow the main one, consists in limiting itself to a single niche, but going to exploit the space in height through the placement of a bunk bed.

2. Bridge wardrobe with mezzanine

This solution, in some ways, can also be considered as an original variant of the previous one, but not only. In fact, it plans to build the bridge wardrobe by equipping it with a mezzanine, where the bed will be placed.

The lower niche, the classic one so to speak, will allow us to make different choices: we can put a second bed or a sofa bed to be exploited when necessary or, again, to place our son’s desk, in the name of saving space at the highest levels.

3. Double room-style bridge wardrobe

Another noteworthy solution is to exploit the space under the bridge wardrobe for directly accommodate two beds instead of one.

In essence, it is a question of considering the location of this piece of furniture as if it were designed for a double bedroom and acting accordingly. The two beds can then be easily divided by a bedside table that, in addition to separating the space between them, will give the final result an even more pleasing appearance.

Bridge wardrobe without bed: how to use it

Although the ideal arrangement for the bridge wardrobe is the one that sees it above the bed, the versatility of this particular piece of furniture makes it suitable also for other less conventional arrangements, so to speak.

Let’s find out some of them together.

Bridge wardrobe above the desk

Proposing this type of solution, in fact, we still remain in the bedroom environment: the bridge wardrobe with the desk, in fact, represents one of the most practical solutions that you could wish for.

The only downside that must necessarily be kept in mind is that we will inevitably have to equip our plan to write about one good lamp, since the structure of the bridge wardrobe will inevitably deprive us of the light needed to work.

This solution fits perfectly even if placed inside a studio, a place where the placement of the desk is of fundamental importance.

Bridge wardrobe above the sofa

Here is the perfect solution in case you find yourself having a particularly small living room. The location, in this case, is the same as in the bedroom, with all the various advantages provided by this type of wardrobe.

The difference? Its niche will be used to accommodate the sofa instead of the bed.

Bridge wardrobe in the kitchen

The bridge wardrobe is truly a piece of furniture with extraordinary versatility and the fact that it can also be placed in the kitchen is a clear example: the smaller it is, the more it will enjoy this revolution.

In essence, it is a question of creating a bridge wardrobe suitable for host all the pots and pans and various tools we use in the kitchen. Under his niche, instead, we can easily accommodate i various appliances such as the sink, the dishwasher, the oven, etc. Certain to enjoy greater mobility thanks to the considerable space savings that will have been created.


As we have seen, of all the furniture with which we can furnish our home, the bridge wardrobe is absolutely the one that lends itself to being more versatile. Thanks to its characteristic structure, it can in fact be used in more than one environment: from the classic accommodation in the bedroom to those less typical of the living room and kitchen.

In all cases, however, it is a piece of furniture that will not fail to amaze us for the incredible space savings that it allows to obtain, regardless of its location.

This certainly makes it perfect for small dwellings, although even larger houses can enjoy numerous advantages of the bridge wardrobe.

What matters, in the end, is to choose its location based on our tastes and our personal creativity: those we have proposed to you are just some of the many ways it can be exploited. It’s up to you to try and find others even more original.

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