The brushcutter is not one of those tools that everyone certainly has. Having said that who has a garden and performs it in full autonomy green maintenance can greatly benefit from the purchase of a trimmer because this will prove to be perfect for carrying out all the cutting and finishing operations that are periodically required.

What is certain is that if, not only you have never used one, but in reality you have not only heard of it and you don’t even know well how an object of this kind is made, it could be difficult for you to be able to buy a model that is really performing.

For this reason today we want to give you some advice on the subject, explaining first of all which are the best Japanese brushcutter brands, as well as those Italian companies currently on the market and then explaining to you which are the more technical parameters that, in addition to the brand and the price, have a decisive weight in the choice of the product that best suits your needs.

What are the best brushcutter brands?

Japanese brushcutters brands

Among the many brushcutters on the market today certainly those produced by well-known Japanese brands are very populari, which, moreover, generally prove to be decidedly reliable, durable over time, precise in cutting and characterized by a good value for money.

Honda, Kawasaki, Hyundai and Mitsubishi are just some of the most famous Japanese brands whose name already represents a guarantee in itself, but among the cheapest brands we also find Echo, Makita and Kasei, which still produce good brushcutters at a slightly lower price, which in any case for domestic and amateur use are just fine!

For example, a Honda brushcutter, chosen from among the many available in this brand, of certainly will not disappoint your expectations. You can opt for a powerful model with petrol engine or for a lighter and more manageable one, rather than for a backpack: in any case the result and satisfaction will be guaranteed and the money invested will have been well spent!

Italian brushcutters brands

Certainly in the field of brushcutters the Made in Italy brands are decidedly less numerous and perhaps even less known of foreign rivals.

Among all, however, it stands out Alpina, a young company that offers a good assortment of quality products, at competitive prices, to meet the various needs related to gardening and then we also find the Active and the Efco.

Finally, regarding reliability and quality, also the German brands who deal with the production of power tools and tools for gardening and DIY, based on user and expert reviews, occupy a highly respected position, let’s talk about brands like Bosch, well known and listed all over the world.

Choosing the brand is important but….

The brand is not everything! Certainly, if you choose to buy a brushcutter from a rather famous and renowned brand for its quality and its performance, maybe you will spend a little more, but you will have no problems, even if you need after sales assistance or to find spare parts.

That said, among the many products currently available it is essential to be able to find the one that has exactly the features you were looking for. The very first thing to do is to understand what type of brushcutter you needOne thing is in fact an electric trimmer, battery-powered or flush and a whole other thing is a brushcutter with a combustion engine and then we need to distinguish between shoulder-mounted, backpack-type and those with wheels.

It is also essential too evaluate the type and size of the cutting elements that characterize each brushcutter, without forgetting to keep in mind the possibility that some tools give of use alternative accessories. Obviously also the weight, the maneuverability, the ease of use and grip, as well as the ergonomics of the product are all questions that must be analyzed carefully, also in relation to the physicality of the individual user!

All you have to do is understand how often you plan to use the brushcutter and what you will need it for: an account is in fact if you need to cut thick grass, another if you need to remove brambles, bushes or shrubs and another if you want to cut the lawn low to renew it (in this case, consider a lawn mower).

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