The union of tradition With the innovation in terms of decor it is not simple. Maintaining a certain style by valuing both currents of thought means bringing the points in common with respect, meticulously studying what to do.

But for which furnishing elements ours classic bedroom could it also be called contemporary? Let’s find out together.

White wins over everything

There refinement and theelegance of a contemporary classic room passes, first of all, from the glance that is created through the choice of color. The avant-garde designers in interior furnishing underline the importance of a light chrome plating, able to give freshness and transparency to an environment that is always difficult to accommodate.

The White, of course, it is the most obvious choice, not only for its relaxing properties of the spaces, but also for the vein of romanticism that it is able to give thanks to studied combinations.

The choice of light color, however, must be evaluated with meticulous attention: many may think that opting for such a color does not give many alternatives. In reality, variations of white they are multiple and difficult to use.

Advice is to stay on a pearly white able to bond with the shapes of your classic contemporary bedroom. But which forms should you furnish your room with?

The curves furnish the classic contemporary bedroom

Of course one can think that a contemporary furnishings marry the current currents of thought that underline the importance of forms geometric shapes defined within our spaces. In fact, the union of tradition and avant-garde, in this case, leads to evaluating completely different options.

Your choice, in fact, will have to fall on furnishing elements from soft shapes, able to make the environment less angular and more accommodating.

The choice is not limited to wardrobes or ai coffered: the curvatures must also be present in the forms of the bed, gods nightstands and the lamps that will fill your room.

All this, together with the light chrome, will give that touch of indistinguishable elegance proper of contemporary classic bedrooms.

Don’t be afraid to dare with these forms, both in the choice of furniture and in the care for details.

Given these precautions, we just have to discover the final touches that can transform your bedroom into one original and personalized room.

The detail enhances the shapes of the contemporary classic bedroom

Once the chrome and shapes of your furniture have been established, we can move on to the attention to detail. Of course this field is very broad and articulated, but there are some simple steps to take to make yours unique and inimitable contemporary classic bedroom.

First of all, the valorisation of finishes through the choice of soft shapes, it leads to a wider possibility of study of fine details. What needs to be noticed is the craftsmanship behind your furniture.

The choice of furniture cannot be postponed to a simple option on the catalog: your bedroom will be classic and, at the same time, contemporary if you will be able to bring out these particularities that recall tradition and originality.

In addition to this, your attention will have to also focus on the furnishings and on the chrome that can enhance these particularities: pearly white, despite being an excellent starting point to create an avant-garde environment, must be accompanied by chrome-plating able to accentuate its details.

silver, in this case, it is an excellent support for elements such as handles, ornaments, frames, etc. That’s why, inevitably, the detail within your space will be the real protagonist: do not be afraid to experiment with new combinations and different combinations.

Light dominates your space

As we have seen the furnishing elements must blend well together in order to bring out the particularity of the details. All this, of course, is easier with adequate lighting.

Of course, during the day, the ideal would consist in natural light coming from one or more windows. In the night period, instead, the choice must fall on aclear and decisive lighting.

It is understandable that a different choice, perhaps of soft light, would involve a considerable loss in the glance to be given to the environment, given the chrome of the furniture and details.

So remember to dare even with lamps, experimenting strong and intense lights able to enhance the decorating work you have done for your classic contemporary bedroom.

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Ellen McCarthy
An engineer by family tradition, after the first specialist degree obtained in 2004 at the Brighton Polytechnic, I decided to follow my creative spirit and become an architect as well. So, for more than ten years now, my main job, as well as my passion, has been to design and furnish homes. But the love of writing has always accompanied me and for this reason, for some time now, I have been writing for the web, especially dealing with furniture and construction.