– A nightmare or a pleasure

Iron. A simple verb that expresses an ordinary action like many others, but like a few other commonly used verbs, it is capable of splitting the opinion of those who habitually do domestic work.

Ironing is one question that clearly divides the population into two, Italian and not only, between those who find that ironing is the most boring task of all those provided by the domestic routine, because it forces you to stand still, nailed to the ironing board and with the iron in your hand maybe for hours, to repeat the same gestures and movements that trap in a network of boredom and monotony until the end of the pile of clothes stacked at your side can be seen.

And there are those who, on the contrary, do not see the time to check off all the other chores from the list, just for to be able to reach that peaceful moment: finally the possibility of stopping and dedicating oneself to a useful activity which is at the same time more restful than many others, and which can even be done by watching one’s favorite television program.

In short, whether you like it or not, that you do it regularly or only when strictly necessary, ironing your clothes and your underwear at least sometimes is inevitable. This is why it is good to be properly equipped and, why not, enjoy all the comforts and facilities that are now available to us to do housework.

To begin with, the task of ironing is made less tiring and more efficient by a good ironing board. Using another work surface, such as a table, is inadvisable first of all because in the long run a common surface could be damaged due to the contact with the heat of the iron (if you really can’t do otherwise, at least take care to protect the surface with a sheet or towel folded under the garments you are going to iron) an ironing board is designed to absorb the heat of the iron.

Also an ironing board usually has an adjustable height, which you can adapt to your height and / or position (in case you prefer to iron while sitting, for example), in such a way as to avoid or prevent annoying pains due to incorrect posture or an uncomfortable position maintained for a long time.

The second tool you will need, and certainly the most important, is obviously the iron. The types of iron available on the market are innumerable, and it is certainly not easy to orient yourself in choosing the one that best suits your needs. When you buy a household appliance for your home, you always want to invest in a quality object, possibly with a low price and that is comfortable, practical and – why not – characterized by a pleasant design.

All these features can be answered the type of dry iron, less common and less known than the classic steam iron, but which has many interesting advantages.

– What is the dry iron and how does it work?

Dry ironing is the oldest ironing mode and it was the one exploited by the first iron models never invented.

But you don’t have to imagine a heavy, bulky iron with a reduced number of functions: on the contrary, classic intuition has met the most refined technological innovations, creating models for dry ironing that meet both home needs but they could also satisfy the needs of those looking for an excellent iron to use in their professional environment.

The dry iron does not work through steam, so it has not incorporated any type of water tank or a separate boiler system; obviously the plate does not even need the typical holes from which the steam comes out.
The dry iron is composed solely of the body of the iron, which has a resistance system that heats the plate, and a cable with a plug that allows it to be connected to the electrical socket.

– Why choose a dry iron?

We mentioned that the dry iron has advantages over the usual steam irons. Let’s see in detail what they are.

First of all, the design. No need for a water tank or a separate boiler, regardless of the model and brand, a dry iron will always be lighter and more manageable than a steam-running iron. A detail that may seem negligible, and that should not be underestimated, especially if you spend a lot of time ironing.

The practicality of being able to have an ergonomic iron is undeniable even if you think about taking it and putting it back in its place: it takes up very little space and does not risk collapsing the shelves in the closet.

Its dimensions and its lightness they also make it an ideal iron to carry around with you, on the occasion of a trip or a commitment outside the home during which you will need to iron.

Another great and important advantage concerns the quality of the iron over time. In fact, a steam iron needs water to work. The water with which the tank is filled is normally that of the tap, which in the vast majority of cases has a high limestone percentage. In the long run and using the iron regularly, the limestone will inevitably settle in the tank: gradually the limestone will begin to clog the holes, making steam delivery less effective with the unpleasant consequence of a gradual decrease in the quality of the ironing.

It is true, today there are special anti-scale systems and products, but this implies having to remember to carry out maintenance activities periodically and having to dedicate time specifically to this tedious task.
All this with a dry iron, which does not need steam and therefore water, will not be a concern: it will not be necessary to do anything to preserve its correct functioning and there will be no factors to keep under control to prevent it from being ruined.

Just because it does without steam, then, the dry iron also brings significant advantages in terms of time. Imagine that you have stained your favorite blouse during lunch, and have an important appointment in the afternoon for which you wanted to wear just that blouse. Immediately run to clean it and lay it out on the balcony – luckily at least it’s a beautiful sunny day! – and you dedicate yourself to other matters.

When the blouse is finally dry you are already in a hurry, you have to leave the house at times! Yet you have to waste time filling the iron tank with water, you have to attach it to the socket and wait for it to warm up enough to release steam. At this point the nervousness will have taken over, and probably for the hurry you will also risk ruining that beautiful blouse.

Here, everything with the dry iron does not exist, why to be able to use it, just plug in the socket and wait a couple of minutes so that the plate is hot and off, you can iron!

The time required by the hot plate is much lower than that required by the steam supply systems: in this way emergencies will no longer be a source of anxiety and stress, and if you have forgotten to iron a shirt for your child, no tragedy! You can easily do it the same morning, before he goes to school, without risking being late.

Still talking about saving time, with a dry iron it will not even be necessary to wait for the clothes to be ironed to be perfectly dry: if you have done a washing cycle in the morning and want to take off the thought of ironing as soon as possible, or if your best pair of jeans is still on the drying rack when preparing for an evening with friends, don’t worry, you can iron them anyway ! The dry iron, in fact, gives its best when used on fabrics that are still damp.

The heat that a dry iron plate can reach is higher than that of a steam iron; the heat also spreads to perfection and is equally distributed over the entire surface of the plate, unlike what happens with many types of steam irons, which tend to concentrate heat towards the tip of the iron.

Thanks to the equitable distribution of heat and the high temperatures that the plate can reach, the dry iron it is highly recommended for ironing delicate items: wool (also worked), silk and fine linens. Types of materials that easily risk being ruined by steam and that instead can be ironed with dry iron without any fear of committing irreparable damage to a precious garment or to which it is particularly fond.

Finally, it must be emphasized that the dry iron can be the answer to many needs, as we have seen, but it is above all the best practical solution for short and fast ironing sessions.

– Features to consider

Now that you have definitely decided to replace your old steam iron with a more practical dry iron, or opt for the latter if you are looking for a good iron for the first time. it’s time to find out what the technical features to evaluate are and compare to choose from the different models you’ll find on the market.

In reality, based on a much more practical and simple mode of operation, the lists of technical items (often incomprehensible to ordinary mortals, not involved in the sector) that you will find illustrated on the product data sheets are shorter and easier to understand.

When you are going to compare the various dry iron models you will have to pay attention essentially to four elements, or:

The wattage, that is the power of the iron on which depends the temperature that the plate will be able to reach while maintaining a good quality of ironing;

The dimensions of the handle: a detail that is often not thought of, but that actually has a noticeable impact on the comfort and ease of the ironing experience. It is obviously a highly personal factor, which varies from person to person depending on the size of the hand.

It is good in this case to carry out tests, perhaps using the old iron or going to any point of sale to get an idea of ​​the grip size that best fits the morphology of your hand. The simpler it will be to hold the iron in your hand and the less tiring it will be to iron!

The thermostat: the presence of a comfortable adjustable thermostat can be very useful. Through it it will be possible to keep the plate temperature under control and raise or lower it according to the material to be ironed.

This is especially important in the presence of delicate garments: to make a perfect ironing it is best to always consult the label of the clothing or linen; if the indications are missing, it is always possible to do research on the internet regarding the safest and most effective method to iron that particular type of fabric. Whatever the need, the biggest difference is due to the temperature, so with an easily adjustable thermostat you can cope with any eventuality.

The plate: and this is certainly the fundamental element, the iron component to which to pay the most attention, because it is the part in direct contact with our fabrics.

It is also the plate that determines the smoothness of the iron ironing and the final quality of the result, so when you go to choose your new dry iron, pay particular attention to the material with which the plate is made.

The best plates available on the market are made of stainless steel, satin or enamelled aluminum and, more rarely, ceramic. These materials are those capable of leading and distribute the heat over the entire plate, always avoiding that it spreads to the rest of the body of the iron, preventing the risk of burns and burns on contact with the hand.


Now that we have discovered in detail what a dry iron is, how it works, what are its great advantages and the main characteristics, let’s discover together some specific products that enclose and in short, they represent everything we have illustrated so far.

We will take as an example four different products of four different brands, which you can easily find online, with the possibility of receiving the dry iron of your choice directly at your home.

1. Lelit PS355

The best dry iron currently on the market, judging by the positive ratings e from customer satisfaction is the Lelit PS355 model, an iron with a black body and a high quality stainless steel plate, whose particular finish ensures the maximum smoothness of the iron in all directions.

The cork handle immediately catches the eye: a detail that stands out in contrast with the black and the color of the steel and that is very pleasant to the touch, making the handle of the iron very comfortable. The 800 watts allow the iron to heat up in a short time and the temperature can be controlled and regulated thanks to the practical thermostat.

The power cord is lined with fabric, with the colors that match those of the iron, and being almost two meters long it will allow you to move and iron where you prefer. The PS355 model from Lelit has been on the market since 2012, years in which it has continued to gain the approval of those who have tried it and established itself as one of the best dry irons that you can currently find on the market.

2. Rowenta Tefal Rome Alu

This dry iron has long been a favorite of users. An established brand, known and important in the household appliances sector like Rowenta, is synonymous with guarantee and quality. In this case it is also offered an excellent quality-price ratio: at an unbeatable price you will in fact purchase a high-tech product, elegant in design, comfortable and practical to use and that will surely last a long time; it therefore constitutes a real investment to improve one’s domestic and / or professional work.

The Rowenta Roma Alu dry iron has a maximum power of 1200 watts, which allows you to quickly reach the right heating point in order to iron. On the front there is a small red light, which will show you when the iron is hot enough to be used. Also on the front you will have the convenient thermostat on which you can easily check and adjust the plate temperature.

The plate is made of aluminum, classic material and suitable for any type of fabric. The power cord has a length of two meters, which will allow you to iron where you prefer and will give you a lot of freedom of movement, without requiring you to iron just near the wall where you have the electric socket.

The Rowenta Roma Alu iron is comfortable, practical, light and compact. equipped with an extremely manageable handle. The aluminum of the plate is elegantly combined with the classic black of the handle, giving it also an appearance that will surely satisfy those who from a household appliance not only requires practicality, but also a refined aesthetic taste.

3. Severin BA 3211

Severin is a German brand with a long history behind it. In fact, it has its roots in as far back as 1892. Still today it occupies a precise and definite role on the modern market, confirming itself year after year as highly appreciated by users and able to guarantee an excellent quality / price ratio.

The Severin BA3211 dry iron is also among the dry iron models most requested by customers. It comes with a very simple and essential design, which immediately refers to its lightness and comfort in being handled. Indeed, those who have already tried it underline how, unlike many other irons, this one from Severin does not tire your wrist even after hours of use. Also perfect for taking on the road with you.

The power is 1200 watts, has the warning light that indicates that the right temperature has been reached on the back and the adjustable thermostat just below the handle. This Severin dry iron is also equipped with a safety system against iron overheating. The plate is in finely ground aluminum, and despite its compactness it is an extremely strong and resistant iron.

4. AEG LB1300

The last model, by order but certainly not for importance, we want to recommend is the LB1300 iron from AEG. A product that has been satisfying customers for years now, to the point that despite being finished several times out of production it has always returned to the market precisely because of the great demand.

The LB1300 iron has a refined design and it comes in the combination of white and dark red colors. It weighs only 700 grams, has an adjustable thermostat under the handle and red LED lights to indicate the achievement of the ideal heat.

Thanks to a power of 1300 watts it heats up very quickly and is therefore perfect for last-minute ironing; it is perfect for ironing even the finest materials and the particular shape allows you to iron even the most difficult elements such as bags or garments with many buttoning. The plate is in stainless steel and the cable is made with a synthesis of rubber and fabric.

– So, are you convinced?

To be able to buy directly online with a simple click and to get at an excellent price an iron like the ones proposed, which will be delivered in comfort to your home, cannot not be an incentive to try the dry ironing experience.

The aforementioned time savings under multiple perspectives, the energy and stress that you will preserve leaving behind the traditional steam ironing, should do the rest in convincing you to buy a dry iron, which will improve the quality of a daily task such as ironing, lightening at least a little the burden of household chores.

The time and energy gained can finally be dedicated to something more pleasant, as a hobby or a passion that we are always forced to relegate to “later”, a “later” that often never arrives.

Many people, both professional and domestic, have already made this leap.

Everyone has tried to iron with a steam iron, while few still have felt that the dry ironing can make a difference. It is said that when you decide to make a change “you know what you leave but not what you find”; pity that often, what could be discovered is better than what you leave behind!

Buying a dry iron, especially after all the information you have gathered now, cannot reserve any nasty surprises. If you then choose to try one of the irons we have suggested, you will be on the safe side: Rowenta, Bosch, Severin and AEG are all well-known brands in the world and that for generations have simplified and lightened the burden of household chores for those who decide to use the valid support of their appliances.

You no longer risk your husband being late for an important meeting because his finest trousers are still damp and wrinkled! And why having to give up the dress that makes you feel more beautiful and safer just because you had too much to do and couldn’t get it ironed in time?

With a dry iron you will always have the solution at hand, you can wear whatever you want without compromise, that is without going around with wrinkled or wrinkled clothes and without having to choose other clothes from the wardrobe just because there is no time to iron them.

The dry iron is the most suitable even for those who are beginners with housework, and has yet to learn all the “grandma’s tricks”. Burns and damage to clothes made by ironing are always due to steam, so if you are still learning to handle the iron, opt for a dry iron. and the risks of making beginners’ mistakes will certainly be less!

It is an essential object, then, if you are a person who travels a lot for work. The clothes crumple in the suitcase, it doesn’t matter if you ironed them just before you put them carefully folded.

And of course you won’t want to risk attending a conference, a meeting, a professional event with a shabby look … A dry iron, given its lightness, it will fit into any suitcase and it will be easy to use wherever you are: it does not ask for anything other than an electrical outlet, to satisfy your request.

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