– The characteristics of an electronic scale

When you love cooking or even when you simply want to try making a cake or a rustic, first you need to measure the ingredients carefully and accurately.

For this reason it is necessary to have a balance at home. But how to choose the one that best suits your needs?

Before buying a kitchen scale you need to know that there are many models and types on the market. There are indeed models analog and digital, all characterized by a series of interesting and different characteristics.

In many cases the choice must be made according to specific needs: those who are fond of recipes and spend a lot of time cooking will certainly need a high precision model.

On the other hand, those who use the scale rarely and only for indicative information on weight can also opt for mechanical models. The electronic kitchen scale, or digital, is a perfect choice for those looking for practicality and precision in the measurements. The models of this type differ in terms of shape, display size, the scope or the power supply but they are all characterized by automatic operation and greater precision in measurement.

They allow an automatic tare to be carried out ensuring immediate reading values ​​and, depending on the models, with one accuracy per gram. Today this type of scales is very common and economic models or highly professional and advanced tools can be found. To choose the best, the various factors must be taken into account, ie the parameters and functions of the balance.

First of all, depending on the type of use you make of the scale, you should check which is its maximum capacity. The maximum range indicates the maximum weight that the scale can measure. The choice of the maximum capacity is necessary to have the security of an effectively practical and complete scale. When, for example, it is customary to cook for many people, you will have to opt for a scale that can measure, in one go, heavy weights, sometimes even over five kilos.

How many instead use the scale for very precise weighs, will have to opt for models that are able to ensure a high accuracy of the measurement, ie that they are able to estimate the gram. This type of scale is particularly suitable for those who do, for example, ample use of spices, of officinal herbs or other elements whose quantity within a recipe is minimal.

It can easily be understood that the same scale may not always be able to ensure a high range and an equally wide accuracy. A balance of medium-low price range, in fact, it may not be able to guarantee both types of weighs, which can instead be the prerogative of the more precise models, ie of medium-high and high price range.

Two other important factors, both related to the scale and aesthetics of the balance, are the size and shape. When we talk about dimensions we need to evaluate both the base and the eventual weighing container. It can easily be understood that when opting for medium-wide range electronic kitchen scales, the dimensions will be larger than for small-scale models.

The element that however leads to a more evident encumbrance in a scale is the container for weighing, an element not always present in all models. In many cases, in fact, the material to be weighed must be placed directly on the scale plate (if solid) or in a glass or bottle if liquid. The presence or absence of the container makes it unnecessary to calculate the tare and, above all, offers greater practicality in the weighing itself.

Who uses the scales for small weighings can direct their choice towards more compact models, also in this case with or without container for the collection of the food to be weighed. Regardless of the dimensions, however, which can be chosen according to specific needs, the parameter that must be carefully evaluated is that of stability. A more stable scale, in fact, is much more precise.

But how to assess the stability of the balance? Just make sure that it has a series of features, such as anti-slip feet for perfect adherence to the work table. Moreover, in the presence of a container for the measurement, it is important that it is well centered, so as to ensure a higher precision at the time of measurement.


As pointed out above, some aspects in the choice of kitchen scales can be very subjective: this means that defining which are the best models on the market is neither simple nor immediate.

However, taking into consideration the technical data of the different scales, they can be highlighted some particularly performing scales, reliable and precise, perfect for almost all needs.

1. Soehnle Siena digital kitchen scale from Leifheit AG

The Soehnle Siena electronic kitchen scale from Leifheit AG is a simple but reliable scale model, perfect for many needs. It has a maximum range of three kilos and guarantees an accuracy of one gram. The body of the balance is made of plastic while the plate is removable in glass. It is a glass of high resistance, capable of guaranteeing a high level of safety in use.

Balance stability is guaranteed by rubber feet, which also have an anti-slip function. It is a balance of good quality but with basic functions. It has in fact a single button, which must be used both for switching on and off and for tare. A particular detail that however makes this model very practical to use and perfect for a large number of needs is there form.

In fact, this one is compact and has one particular inclination of the display that makes it easily readable from any position. The balance is powered battery operated. These are normal stylus batteries that can be easily purchased at any hardware store or supermarket. It is advisable to change the batteries when the numbers on the display begin to be not clearly legible, ie they have an outline that is no longer clear and defined. The guarantee of this scale is three years.

2. Etekcity electronic kitchen scale

This scale represents a model designed to ensure a valid help in the kitchen and not just to weigh the dishes for recipes. Made of stainless steel it is durable, roomy and very easy to clean. Presents dimensions of 21.7 × 10.6 × 21.7 centimeters, a large display showing all the information and data set.

In addition to the weight, which can be recorded both in grams and in ounces, it is in fact possible to display the timer, which can be set up to 99 minutes and 99 seconds, which will sound at the end of the set time and estimate the tare in case of use of containers other than the bowl supplied.

The scale capacity is of 5 pounds (equal to 11 pounds) and the accuracy of the measurement is one gram, or 0.1 ounces. The high precision of the scale is guaranteed by a high number of sensors present on the plate and able to evaluate each weighing with maximum precision. There bowl has a capacity of 2.15 liters and can be used for both liquids and solids.

If necessary, it can be removed and weighed directly on the scale plate or using other containers and containers. In this case, you will have to proceed to a tare that is carried out quickly thanks to thespecial button. Among the particular functions, the presence of the ambient temperature sensor is highlighted, fundamental for those who work with materials that are easily perishable at high temperatures.

If not used for two minutes, the scale turns off thus ensuring maximum battery savings. All functions and settings are perfectly explained and explained in the instruction manual.

3. Duronic KS3000 electronic kitchen scale

This scale has ahigh measurement capacity, thanks to the range of 5 kilos and the average size of 18x14x1.7 centimeters. The balance structure is in stainless steel while the removable bowl is made in transparent plastic. The bowl has a large diameter of 24.5 centimeters.

This model presents a large number of functions which can be set via the simple control panel and viewed on the back-lit blue display. Among the most important functions we underline the presence of the tare, which must be carried out every time a container other than the one supplied is used to carry out the measurement.

In addition to the maximum capacity of five kilos it is emphasized that accuracy it is one gram. This model also allows weighing not only in grams but also in ounces and milliliters. In fact, the bowl can also be used to hold liquids. The power supply is battery-powered: inside the package are included three AAA batteries, as well as the user manual which specifies how to install the batteries and when to change them.

4.Kenwood model DS401.W Electronic Kitchen Scale

This scale model is characterized by a high capacity of 8 kilos. Accuracy, instead, is two grams. It’s about a horizontal scale, from the size of 22x17x1.8 centimeters. There is no container for weighing, but the food must be placed directly on the plate or inside any dish or glass.

In this case, the tare function will ensure maximum weighing accuracy. The surface of the scale is in glass, very resistant and easily washable. In case of lack of measurements, the scale has one auto-off function which allows maximum energy savings of the batteries.

The different settings, on and off or tare are done via touch keys, very practical, for which no excessive pressure is needed. If you want to find a mole in this model you can say that it is not suitable for those looking for more precise measures, given that it presents aaccuracy of two grams and not one.

– Functions

The tare

Most good quality balance models have some features that can be considered standard, such as tare reading.

This allows you to always have maximum security on the quantity of weighed elements, regardless of the type of container or container. In most scales the tare is measured simply by pressing thespecial button, usually placed next to the display.

The units of measurement

Another important point to consider is the possibility of having the unit of measurement converter. Many European bill balances present the double weighing, in grams and pounds.

However, even more important is the possibility of having the conversion key between grams and liters (or better milliliters). This function allows both liquids and solids to be measured very quickly, simply by pressing the conversion button.

Timer and external temperature measurement

The timer function and the temperature measurement function are not very common, however they are present in some advanced models. Their function is very useful especially in case of thawing of food.

By evaluating the temperature, in fact, it will be possible to estimate the time required to defrost certain foods and set the alarm to not forget to check the actual state of thawing after a certain period. The timer and the temperature are important especially when it is necessary to thaw easily perishable products and therefore, once at room temperature, they must be cooked immediately.

Battery level

A very useful accessory function is the battery level indicator on the display. The very large displays allow you to report a large number of information including the status of the charge. Electronic kitchen scales work in practice all stacked. However, it is not always easy to understand when the battery is running low and when a change is needed.

Sometimes when the batteries start to run down the display appears less bright and the less defined numbers. In other cases the display remains perfect until a minimum charge is available. Just in these situations have an indicator which allows you to understand the state of the battery will make it possible to remain without a balance between one weigh and another.

The features of the display

The display represents a fundamental element of the balance considering that it allows to evaluate the measures and to check the different parameters and functions which the scale itself is equipped with.

A display from large size it is certainly a parameter capable of ensuring greater ease of reading, so it should be preferred to a smaller display.

The ease of reading is also given by the retro-illumination, which allows you to read the information reported by the scale even in low light.

Keys and keypad

Closely connected to the display and its dimensions are the keys and the keypad. More functions of the scale and, usually, the greater the number of keys present. Some models of scales only feature one or two keys and the different functions are activated by a different number of presses which is carried out on a certain key or on the other.

– To conclude

Kitchen scales are an accessory that should never be missed. Of course, depending on the type of use made of it, you will have to choose one model rather than another. The electronic scales are particularly suitable in case of frequent use, because they ensure ahigh practicality and speed in measurements. The choice of the model, however, as already highlighted, can be very subjective and depend on aesthetic preferences or from specific needs.

One detail that should always be taken into consideration, however, is that relating to measures. The electronic scales are not usually bulky and yet some models, being equipped with a built-in measuring cup, have a larger footprint than the others. The size factor is important above all depending on the location of the scale itself.

Before proceeding with the purchase, therefore, it will be necessary to assess where you want to position the scale and then check the compatibility between space measurements and those of the scale itself. Attention, moreover, to the conservation methods: some scales, however resistant, are characterized by glass structures and should not be subject to weights exceeding their maximum capacity.

Furthermore, it is advisable to always position the scale so that it is stable and that the sensors present on the measurement plan they are not continually solicited for measures that remain perfect and highly reliable over time. Finally, needless to deny it, it is essential to also make sure which brand is of the product chosen. When you want to buy an electronic scale, in fact, it is always better to focus on brands that operate in the household appliance sector and that can guarantee theuse of high quality materials.

The important factor to be evaluated is not only that relating to materials, but also to electronics. Electronic scales, even those of medium-high price range, are still relatively inexpensive tools: better then to focus on advanced models, which are able to guarantee quality, precision, durability and a little extra cost.

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