The decentralized garden umbrella, or side arm, is a article intended to increase outdoor living comfort, ensuring protection from sun and frost. Usually a decentralized garden umbrella is placed outside a bar, hotel, poolside or in various meeting places.

However, there are so many who choose to buy a side-arm umbrella to place on the balcony, on the terrace or in residential outdoor areas.

This guide aims to propose and to suggest the best garden umbrellas with decentralized arm, which are currently available on the market. In this regard, only those models of quality garden arm umbrellas have been considered and built with excellent materials. These are umbrellas that boast excellent value for money and can be purchased on Amazon.

I’m more and more consumers who choose to order a decentralized umbrella at home to protect themselves from the sun’s rays and to enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces.

One of the main features of the decentralized garden umbrella is the support platform. Thanks to the platform, in fact, the umbrella is secured to the floor, so as to make it stable and be able to easily position it on any surface. This means that the umbrella can also be moved at will.

A side garden umbrella also comes called cantilever umbrella or suspended. It comes with a supporting structure that includes the arm and the pole. It has a very comfortable opening system and usually a telescopic structure: the umbrella, when closed, remains higher than the table below.

Given the number of models available, before making one buying choice it is good to consider several factors concerning a decentralized garden umbrella. Continuing the reading it will be possible to further clarify the characteristics that a good side arm umbrella should have.

– How to choose a decentralized garden umbrella

Before proceeding with the purchase it is good to buy the different models considering first the size. There are garden arm umbrellas of various sizes and the choice must be made based on the space available.
The height and width of a side-arm umbrella are shown in the packaging or in the technical sheet.

The opening must be easy and comfortable. Generally it takes place through special ropes or cranks. However, there are garden arm umbrellas that open with patented systems, without the use of ropes and cranks. These are umbrellas with telescopic structures and equipped with special sliding knobs, with locking systems and very simple to open and close.

The materials are also of fundamental importance. especially those used to make the supporting structure. Those that are not only durable, but also resistant to gusts of wind and atmospheric agents are preferable, since the decentralized umbrella will be positioned outside. As for the coverage, it is better to focus on PVC fabrics, with waterproof or water-repellent features, which they provide protection even in the event of rain.

The possibility of tilting the roof is another aspect that should be considered, because it allows you to adapt the sunshade to the movement of the sun. During the day it will be easier to better adjust the umbrella, following the movements that the sun makes after hours have passed.

Also, before buying a garden umbrella with a decentralized arm make sure it is sold together with a protective case. The latter will serve to safeguard the roof and the supporting structure during periods of inactivity. Not all models of arm umbrellas have the lining. Failing that, it should be purchased separately and adapted to the size of the model.

Finally, not all models of arm umbrellas they are already complete with basics. If it is not present in the package, it must be purchased separately. Cross bases can be chosen to match compatible tiles. There are also support bases in cement, granite and even plastic to be filled with water or sand.

– Choice of purchase of the best side-arm umbrella

On the market There are different models of garden arm umbrellas decentralized. These are products with different characteristics and dimensions. Choosing a good side arm umbrella, given the number of items available, can cause confusion.

Therefore, this guide continues with reviews of the most sold and appreciated models by consumers. Reading the opinions will help in the final choice of purchase, allowing a comparison between the various offers, as well as easily finding the perfect side arm umbrella, based on specific needs and scope of use.


* TecTake

This model of suspension umbrella has a diameter of 3.5 m and is distributed by TecTake. It is a fairly inexpensive product and ideal for home use, especially for gardens, balconies or terraces. It is also a rather complete model as it is equipped with supports, a support base and a protective case. The opening is quite easy, using the crank and a cord.

The umbrella can be tilted and has an opening 20 cm below the tip to let the wind escape. As for materials: the supporting structure is in painted metal, while the cover is in 100% polyester, with aluminum profiles and ensures protection from UV rays. Overall it is a stable and robust umbrella. Customers who purchased it appreciated its convenience and ease of use.

Although it is not very resistant to gusts of wind and needs to be anchored, the TecTake decentralized umbrella is a good product to ensure shelter from the sun.

* Parasol Senso My_Garden

The retractable umbrella, model Senso, distributed by My_Garden, is able to give added value to outdoor spaces, making them welcoming and very comfortable. Thanks to this model it will be possible to relax in the garden, away from sunlight. Sense has very simple maneuverability and has a clutch pedal.

You can tilt the sun visor and rotate it 360 °. In this way it will be very easy to find the shadow angle and adapt the umbrella to the sun’s movements. The model lends itself to creating spaces of shade during outdoor parties and to protect the laid tables. In the evening, the Senso umbrella protects from frost, so as to make summer dinners pleasant.

Its structure is in painted aluminum with epoxy powder, with 55 X 48 mm decentralized pole and with 8 splints. The cover was made with a water-repellent, ecru-colored polyester fabric with a windproof chimney. It is sold with a cross base but without tiles. The Senso model is at the top of the rating, being a decentralized garden umbrella of excellent quality and also very durable.

Also the editing is quite simple, thanks to the instructions with illustrations included. It is not sold with a protective cover, but this does not diminish the enthusiasm of consumers who have found an excellent solidity.

* Paramount parameter

The model of side arm umbrella of Paramondo is a product designed to fully meet the expectations of the most demanding. This decentralized garden umbrella can be tilted in 5 positions. It has a 360 ° rotation mechanism with lock and pedal.

The opening is a crank and is available with a rectangular or round opening. It is undoubtedly not only a high quality and resistant product, but also very beautiful. The waterproof and 100% polyester coating, available in different colors and replaceable, guarantees a high protection from UV rays.

The very robust structure includes a powder-coated aluminum frame, available in different colors, with 8 tie-rods. Paramount parameter it is sold together with the cross support base, compatible with 50 x 50 cm cement tiles not included.

The product can also be coordinated with the Paramondo protective cover, not included in the package and sold separately. Customers who purchased this model have expressed the maximum of satisfaction. Moreover, this garden umbrella has all the features to satisfy every consumer: elegant, comfortable, sturdy and very easy to maneuver.

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