Have one room home cinema: no, it is not science fiction, but a concrete reality that is also easy to achieve. With a few tricks, a fair amount of money and a great desire to do, it is a viable project, thus enjoying the films we prefer in a real home cinema.

If the idea teases you and you already imagine yourself proudly presenting your creation to friends silenced by awe and admiration, then read our guide carefully. Thanks to our advice, in fact, you will learn in a short time and with great satisfaction how to build your beautiful home cinema.

– How to build a home cinema: what we need

A cinema, in general, works because it projects the viewer into the film: the huge screen and the sounds that surround us completely produce the effect of channeling all our attention, while our gaze remains completely concentrated on the screen, specifically structured to occupy the entire visual.

This peculiar effect is achieved thanks to the use of two elements, which will therefore be the first two things we will have to get: one big screen, such as that of a latest-generation TV or, better yet, a specific projector for home cinema; it’s a home cinema system, obviously of the Home Theater typology.

Both of these two elements are fundamental for making our home cinema and, already at this point, therefore, we must be ready to make the first outlay.

Tv or projector: which one to choose?

The latest generation televisions are really many and all offer a fantastic screen: of course, the bigger we want it, the more we will have to be willing to spend.

Even buying a smart TV could prove to be a good solution: in this way our cinema room will allow those who will use it to live a 360 ° experience, thanks to the possibility of connecting to the internet and, for the most nerds, playing video games .

Choosing this type of TV, however, is only possible if we have a nice large room, with ample space to be able to dedicate to our screen.

If this were not the case, then the best choice is certainly that of the projector: consider the size of the cinema room, in fact, it is essential to choose the most suitable technology for the screening of the films.

A home movie projector, therefore, it represents the ideal solution in the case of small environments, such as an attic.

In this case, it can easily be placed on the ceiling, at an easily accessible height, such that it will not steal space from the room that, at this point, will be completely dedicated to welcoming people and making them comfortable.

Home Theater System

As mentioned above, the use of a good Home Theater facility it is essential to recreate the immersive magic of cinema in our home.

If, in fact, we want our friends to appreciate the experience of watching movies in our specially created room, we will necessarily have to equip ourselves with a system that allows the correct diffusion of sounds.

But how is a valid system made up?
How many pieces and elements should be formed?

The basic equipment includes the speakers and the subwoofer while the former are positioned both anteriorly and posteriorly with respect to the spectator, the latter is fundamental for reproducing the lower frequencies of the audio, thus creating a perfect overall sound.

If these are the basic elements to equip our plant, we must not limit ourselves to the minimum, above all if we want to create a cinema room for the home of great impact.

In fact, today it is possible to equip our system with a 3D reader, thus making our cinematic experience truly unforgettable.

The use of a Bluetooth system can also be very useful: in fact, it will allow us to connect the Home Theater system without using cables that, in addition to being not very aesthetic to the eye, with the passing of time also risk to damage itself.

Sofas, armchairs or … beds?

We have analyzed together what are the basic elements for the creation of our home cinema, ie the screen and the Home Theater system. Let us now turn to a less technical subject, but no less important: where will we sit to enjoy our films?

THE’use of sofas represents the most logical and natural choice in case the cinema hall coincides with our living room.

If, in fact, we have chosen to equip for this purpose the most lived-in environment of our house, then there is little to do: the sofas are in fact already naturally present and available to all friends together with whom we will decide to enjoy our fabulous cinema system.

If, on the contrary, we have preferred to make things big by reinventing an environment in our home in order to transform it into a cinema, then limiting ourselves to the choice of sofas would certainly be an understatement.

If, in fact, we have enough space, we could consider the idea of home cinema seats. In essence, it would be a question of setting up our cinema in the most classic way, using the same type of armchair in every movie theater.

If this could already be an excellent solution, for the most original of us there is one even better: the use of real beds!

What better way to enjoy a good movie than lying on a nice comfortable bed, perhaps next to our love?

Well, this is not a particularly complicated solution: all you need is enough space to place one or more double beds. In this way, our cinema hall will have a decidedly more intimate aspect, making it perfect for romantic and private use.

Lighting and optional

Now that we have equipped our cinema room with everything we need, the fundamental question of its lighting remains to be addressed. Yes, because from that world and the world a film is best enjoyed in complete darkness, except for the natural brightness of the screen.

How to recreate this same effect even in our beautiful private cinema?

The ideal would be to use one directly room without windows, such as a cellar or a tavern.

However, if we have decided to set up our living room or if the environment we have chosen is instead provided with windows, then there is nothing left to do but to use some small tricks.

It will suffice, for example, to assemble gods on them panels, or more simply, of the double curtains, so as to use the thicker and covering ones to darken the room. This is an easy and effective solution, which does not even require large costs.

Another issue, on the other hand, certainly of minor importance but not negligible, concerns the aesthetic aspect of our room: it would essentially be a matter of equipping it with a series of optional accessories to make it look as much as possible a cinema.

We could, for example, hang gods movie posters on the walls, in order to give the room a more professional look. Even the use of sound-absorbing panels could be useful: thanks to this arrangement, in fact, we will significantly improve the sound quality, giving us and our guests an even more complete experience.

Another aspect that must be considered is relative to the time we spend in our cinema: if, in fact, our aim is to encourage us and our friends to stay as long as possible, then we will have to take into account that it is necessary to add some additional components , able to make us the hours that we will spend inside it as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Small tables to support the snacks and a small one mini-bar where being able to use fresh drinks can really make the difference.

The most willing will also be able to delight their guests with a real “program of the room”, which will consist of a sheet made by them in which will be listed the films in the program, complete with plot and cast: an original idea that will not fail to amaze your friends!

– Conclusions

We have seen how to build a cinema room inside our home, examining it in all its aspects and listing the objects we need. As it is easy to understand, it is not a possibility within the reach of anyone: not only for a question of space, which not everyone has available, but above all for theeconomic aspect of the matter.

The latest generation TV, the Home Theater system, the furnishings of the room and the various options are all inevitably expensive elements, which imply being able to afford to spend a certain amount of money.

If we rejoin the group of those who do not have sufficient funds to carry out this project, never mind: it will mean that we will continue to enjoy public cinemas.

Maybe one day we will also be able to build our own in the intimacy of our home but, until then, we will certainly not deprive ourselves of the pleasure of watching a good movie on the big screen.

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