The right hose can make your pressure washing more efficient and functional, let us move on to understand the criteria that help you invest in the best pressure washer hose.

Selecting a Pressure Washer Hose Length

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Begin by understanding your immediate and long-term needs. This will help you choose the right length for the product.

Most people with small homes and vehicles, and regular cleaning needs can work with 8-10 meters long pipes. You may need longer hoses to clean houses, buildings and large vehicles.

Business owners with commercial-grade pressure washers should always choose longer hoses for improved versatility. You can either go for an extension hose that adds length to the existing pipe or a replacement hose that will completely replace the existing one. The decision will depend on the condition of your existing hose.

Do you need a pressure washer extension hose?

The length of the power washer hose will also depend on the cleaning power of the washer.

If you buy a long hose, 40 m, for a low-power washer, the gushing water will not have the required force for that length of hose.

It will not clean very well. Hence, the hose length should be compatible to your pressure washer. Check the product manual for specifications.

Measure the diameter or size of the hose

You will have three different choices – one-fourth inch (1/4"), five-sixteenth inch (5/16”), and three-eighth inch (3/8”). The diameter of the hose is extremely important. Residential-grade electrical and gas pressure washers can do well with a one-fourth inch diameter hoses. They are ideal for all pressure washers with a PSI of less than 2700. If your pressure washer has a PSI value of more than 2700 and less than 3400, go for a five-sixteenth inch hose. The three-eighth inch hoses are designed for commercial-grade power washers that have a PSI of more than 5000.

Hose connectors

Check your faucet and the dispenser nozzle. Your pressure washer hose should have a snap or twist connection to match the faucet and the gun. Most guns have a male connector. You will simply need a M22 female connector hose in such cases. If your gun has a female connector, you will also need a hose/gun adapter.

Choose a Flexible Pressure Wash Hose

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Look at the material of the hose and try to get a flexible pressure washer hose. Most manufacturers offer PVC plastic hoses that are reasonably priced. However, plastic hoses are inflexible and can break easily. They may be difficult to move and store every day. Rubber hoses are flexible and easy to use but many of them leave a black mark on the concrete when you drag them along during the cleaning process. Polyurethane hoses consist of braided stainless steel cores that are covered by clear and flexible outer coverings. Polyurethane hoses are new to the market. They are flexible and easy to use but do not leave a mark on the concrete.

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