The pillow is a decisive element for the quality of our rest, therefore it is good to take this thing into account, not only when we are about to buy a new one, but also when it is washed and treated, because even its state of maintenance is very important.

Often, however, in both cases, both in the purchase and in the care, we tend to concentrate more on the mattress, leaving the pillows a little in the background, almost like simple decorative and furnishing accessories.

Taking for granted that you already own the perfect pillow for you, the one that can fully satisfy all your needs, that supports your head and your neck adequately during sleep, which has the right degree of stiffness, which does not cause you allergies or discomforts of various kinds and that this is latex, let’s try to understand if and when it is the case to wash it and eventually how to proceed in this sense, so that it continues to maintain its appearance and above all its physical characteristics and properties.

When to wash the pillows?

If you’re wondering how often it would be right to wash your pillows, know that there are those who never wash them, limiting themselves to washing pillowcases and pillowcases; there are those who reserve this treatment only for large spring cleaning and those who have the habit of washing them regularly, every 3/6 months.

The reality is that there is no valid rule for everyone, also because a lot depends on the material with which they are made.

Whether synthetic, down, wool, latex … it does not matter, if you have decided to wash your pillows, in all cases, it is advisable that you choose some warm and sunny days to do it, perhaps checking that the weather forecasts are good even for the following days, because it is about elements that normally take a long time to dry really well (up to a few days).

Also for this reason, wash the cushions when you know you won’t need them, maybe before you leave for a long weekend at the beach, or consider having to use those guests, at least for a night or two, or if you don’t have any escort resign yourself to the idea of ​​sleeping without!

Not all latex pillows are the same

As we have already mentioned, it is good to take into account the fact that not all latex pillows, as it happens also for those in memory, they are equal: therefore the the very first thing to do is to read the label well and, if available, also the instruction leaflet supplied to us at the time of purchase, scrupulously adhering to the prescriptions of the tattooed producer, also because some models, especially those in memory dating back a few years are now, they may not be washable!

Often those who choose to buy latex cushions do so because they suffer from allergies to mites or similar, precisely because it is a breathable and hypoallergenic material, whose organoleptic characteristics are already capable of ensuring hygiene.

For this reason many cushions of this type cannot just be washed, but go daily ventilated and protected with a special cushion in cotton terry, with hinge and washable.

So if it is not possible in any way to wash your pillows, the only thing to do is to beat them with a carpet beater and leave them to air out for a few hours.

If, on the other hand, the manufacturer’s instructions indicate that washing is possible, let’s see how to proceed with cleaning.

Washing instructions for latex pillows

In practice, the first thing to do is obviously remove the cushions checking that on their surface there are no traces of dirt, which otherwise will be removed using a damp cloth or a soft brush.

Latex cushions, as well as those made of synthetic fibers, can in many cases be, if necessary machine washed, always at low temperature, better if two at a time to balance the load in the basket e cold, but never at a temperature above 30 degrees and opting for a delicate program, using a neutral liquid detergent and possibly adding a drop of fabric softener.

At the end of the wash is good pay close attention to the rinsing phase, because it is essential that any foam residue is removed from the cushions, so if you are not absolutely sure that this has happened, know that in doubt it is better set up a second rinse and possibly a third one, then proceeding to the centrifuge, recommended at 1000 rpm to eliminate as much water as possible.

Once removed from the washing machine, the cushions should be set up dry horizontally, preferably in the open air and always in the shade (never directly under the rays of the sun), the ideal would be turn them every 3-4 hours, so that the internal padding dries perfectly and evenly.

As you have seen it is very easy to wash your pillows, so what are you waiting for

If your pillows are among those that you can wash, now that there are some warm and sunny days, freshen it up!

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