Once, in the bathrooms of the house, was very more frequently see a bathtub installed rather than a shower while today we are in a completely opposite situation: almost all having to choose, for various reasons, prefer the shower.

For this reason, almost always, when you find yourself having to renovate your home, or want to redo your bathroom, we end up replacing the old tub with a more modern, functional and compact shower enclosure.

But what are the reasons that lead us to think of such a change? And how is it possible to do it without spending excessive amounts? Let’s find out together.

Why prefer a shower to the bathtub

Certainly, one shower takes up less space than a tub, therefore it allows you to have a little more ease in a bathroom, unless of course not to opt for an extra-large model and maybe equipped with whirlpool, chromotherapy and more; but the truth is that today we prefer the shower to the bathtub, not only because we can’t do it otherwise, because the bathrooms of the past were perhaps smaller than today and in many cases the space to install a tub would also be there.

Going for the shower is a lifestyle choice, which is well suited to the frenzy of modern day life: to have a relaxing bath you need more time, you need to take a break and relax, while, among the many commitments we have, one fast and energizing shower you can do it in five minutes, even in the morning when you wake up or late at night.

Clearly, if you have more than one bathroom in your home, you generally have both; but, having to choose, or opt for one combi solution (or combined, which encloses shower and tub in a single “object”), or you opt for the shower, even if sometimes those with small children in home inclines yet for the tub, only to want to replace it when the children grow up!

However, we must bear in mind that there are also special cases in which bathing is not possible: think for example of the Older people people who find it hard to get into the tub with reduced mobility, or those in wheelchairs: in all these cases the installation of a large shower, even better if flush, is a must.

From bathtub to shower: how to do it?

Now that we have understood why many people prefer the shower to the bathtub, let’s try to understand how to implement the coveted change.

obviously to do things in the best possible way, so as to guarantee an impeccable aesthetic result, it would be good to put a little hand in the whole bathroom, choosing a new flooring and new coatings; this does not mean that it is also possible to intervene only in the bathtub area, replacing it with a shower and integrating everything with special wall panels.

Indeed, especially if we are talking about remove an old built-in bathtub, the portion of floor previously occupied by this will remain free of flooring, as well as the lower part of the wall will appear without a coating and this aesthetically represents the biggest obstacle to circumvent, because not always have a supply of enough tiles to patch the damage!

If the chosen shower tray were large exactly as was the footprint of the removed tub, at least on the floor we will have no problems and in this situation it is advisable to remove all the covering that remains inside the new shower box and replace it in its entirety, only in this part, with a different one; or there are different types of panels specifically designed for this purpose.

Moreover, operationally speaking, one of the first things to do, however, is make the necessary modifications to the taps and also for this reason it may be necessary to carry out new traces on the wall, thus affecting a further portion of the coating.

The best solution should be assessed on a case by case basis: the purpose is clearly that of avoid obvious patches, But say find a solution that satisfies us not only in practical terms, but also aesthetically.

A bathtub that acts as a shower: here is the low-cost solution

If you would like a shower, but you were not willing to undertake substantial work to replace the existing tub, or if you temporarily lacked the economic resources necessary to do so: do not worry because with a few tricks it is possible to intervene to resolve the situation.

Undoubtedly the simplest, fastest, cheapest, and “do it yourself” solution is installing a curtain that closes the tub area, allowing it to also be used as a shower tray and at the same time also a change to the faucet with the installation of an auction to which, at least, fix the existing shower with a rise and fall.

Just make a couple of holes in the wall and fix a rod, straight or curved depending on the shape of your bathroom and hang a curtain on it: many find them ugly and a little scruffy, suitable only for “good” accommodation as campsites or hostels, but in reality today the possibilities on the market are really many, some really nice and nice, so much so that installing a tent can turn into an opportunity for renewal, which gives the bathroom that different, particular and nice touch that was missing before!

Obviously this solves the problem only if your desire is dictated solely by the habits of life that lead you to prefer a quick and energizing shower, rather than a warm and relaxing bath, which however without depriving you of the tub, if necessary you can always treat yourself!

If instead the problem is in the physical impossibility of entering the tank, unfortunately there are no loopholes: the easiest and fastest way to achieve it all is contact a specialized company who will remove the tub and install the shower very quickly and with the least possible inconvenience, even if, even though they are not ugly solutions, but clean and well-made works, you can be sure that you will always see that this is an operation carried out a posteriori.

Obviously, among the existing tank models some are more suitable for a double use compared to atriums (the best ones are those that have a deep, clean and almost completely flat internal shape, while the more rounded and “machined” ones are a little more uncomfortable ), but in general a bathtub can always be used as a shower, if you really can’t stand the idea of ​​the tent you can opt for the installation of one of those glazed panels, to be installed at the edge of the pool, which act as a box preventing water from escaping. The only real obstacle to the dual use of the tub could be the presence of a large window perfectly centered above the tub.

You just have to understand if you really want to get rid of the old tub to make room for a shower and act accordingly, in the way you think best for you!

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