– Main characteristics of the air conditioner and installation methods

To know how much it costs to mount an air conditioner, first of all you need to know that there are many different types on the market and everyone presents different technical features and prices.

When we talk about price, we don’t just mean the purchase price, but also the installation price, which can be different depending on the type of air conditioner and the location where it is installed.

Technical characteristics of an air conditioner

An air conditioner is a device that allows you to generate cold air thanks to a mechanism of compression and expansion of a fluid, ie a gas or a liquid.

In most models, the fluid is a specific, synthetic refrigerant gas. Regardless of the models, the air conditioners are characterized by some main systems, within which the fluid temperature changes.

The compressor. This part of the conditioner is the one inside which the gas is compressed in order to increase the pressure. The increase in pressure also leads to a change in temperature which, contrary to what one may believe, increases in this phase, thus making the gas warmer.

The condenser. The condensation of the gas, which is brought to the liquid state, takes place in this other section of the device. The transition from the gaseous state to the liquid state leads to another temperature variation, this time towards lower values.

The rolling organ. This element represents a constriction within the fluid passage duct. The liquefied gas, having to pass through this throttling, is subject to further variations in pressure and temperature which becomes even lower.

The evaporator. Once the coldest temperature is reached, the fluid is vaporized and allows the distribution of the air conditioning. Of course, what has been reported is a simplified diagram of all the reactions and components that occur inside an air conditioner.

Furthermore, the scheme mainly concerns air conditioners for domestic use and not industrial ones which are much more complex due to the high volume of air conditioning they must produce.

– Elements to consider before assembly

Before proceeding with the purchase of an air conditioner it is important to evaluate a series of elements that will allow, in some cases, to save on the installation of the air conditioner itself.

The main element to consider, therefore, is the number of rooms that must be kept cool and, above all, the number of hours per day in which the air conditioner is activated.

If you live alone or if you need to keep only one room cool, it might be useful to focus on a portable air conditioner model that guarantees a high level of cooling and, at the same time, a safe saving as it is not necessary to install it on the wall. .

However, those who need to keep the entire house refrigerated or at least some rooms in a fixed manner will have to opt for a fixed system. This, it should be highlighted, not only allows greater practicality, but is also characterized by better performance.

Depending on the needs and conformation of the apartment, you can evaluate the number of elements necessary to ensure a suitable temperature to withstand the summer heat.

Depending on the number of air conditioners to be installed, it will then be necessary to consider choosing a single split, ie one element, or more than one. When more air conditioning elements are needed, it is possible to create a real system with a muti-split system.

The choice of a fixed air conditioner

The structure of an air conditioner has already been defined, even if in a schematic form, previously.

However, it has not yet been pointed out that the air conditioners are always characterized by two elements, namely the air conditioner itself and the motor unit. The latter allows to define the power and other technical characteristics of the conditioners.

When choosing to install a fixed air conditioner, therefore, it is important to remember that if on the one hand you have to proceed with the installation of the split, on the other it will also be necessary to provide for the definition of a location for the motor unit.

This should be fixed to the wall, preferably in an outdoor environment, to reduce noise. In some contexts, however, it is not possible to install the motor on the external façade of your building.

Consider, for example, old houses or houses in historic centers: in these environments, in fact, condominium regulations are very strict and prohibit the installation of elements considered disfiguring the aesthetics on the facades of buildings.

The choice of a mono-split fixed conditioner can be a very convenient solution when only one room needs to be refrigerated.

Although the costs are higher than those foreseen by the portable air conditioner, it is important to remember that the duration and performance are much higher, paying back the expense abundantly. Furthermore, the costs for the installation must be added to those for the installation.

Finally, we must not forget that between the time of purchase and the time of installation, it may take several days as it will be necessary to contact a specialized technician and wait for his availability.

When you need to install air conditioners in multiple home environments, it becomes convenient to focus on multi-split solutions. A multi-split air conditioning system is characterized by multiple air conditioners powered by a single motor.

Naturally these are solutions that foresee very different costs depending on the number of elements that make up the system itself. Furthermore, installation costs are also higher as it will be necessary to operate on a greater number of elements.

The power

When you think about the cost of an air conditioner you must also keep in mind what the cold air emission power of the same is. As with any appliance, in fact, even for air conditioning systems, the power should be evaluated based on the type of use made, the size of the rooms.

It should be emphasized that the power that defines the consumption of electrical energy for operation with that of emission of cold air should not be confused. The first is measured in Watts and the second in BTU / h (acronym for British Termal Unit per hour).

If it is true that the power of the air conditioner does not affect the costs for the actual installation, surely it must be taken into consideration when thinking about the subsequent expenses, ie those of the electricity bill.

For this reason, when buying the air conditioner, it becomes essential to focus on models that have a high BTU / h value but not too high electrical power.

Furthermore, to ensure a convenient purchase, it is of primary importance to focus on models with a high energy class, ie at least belonging to the A + class.

The choice of the different models, more or less refrigerants, also depends very much on the room in which the air conditioner is installed: it is necessary to think that in a bedroom it may be necessary to use a less powerful model than one to be installed inside a living room room.

This is not only due to a temperature problem, but also to air volumes. It is assumed, in fact, that in a living area a greater number of people can be accommodated and, therefore, it will be necessary to use an air conditioner able to ensure both a power and a greater range.

Type of fixed air conditioner: classic or inverter?

When counting the costs for the purchase and installation of the air conditioner, the choice must also be made for the technology of the air conditioner, be it classic or inverter.

The first type is characterized by an ignition that allows the air to be emitted: once the set temperature has been reached, the air conditioner switches off and then switches back on when the room temperature exceeds a certain level of difference in degrees with that previously selected.

This type of conditioner is less and less required because, in addition to creating continuous temperature changes, it also has higher consumption.

The air conditioners with inverter technology, on the other hand, are more expensive but ensure greater temperature uniformity and lower consumption.

This type of model, at the time of ignition, uses the maximum power to quickly reach the required temperature and, once the room has reached the set thermal equilibrium, it lowers the power level in order to ensure the maintenance of the temperature without any thermal shock.

– How much does the installation of a wall-mounted air conditioner cost?

After the parameters for the purchase have been defined, and therefore the costs, it is necessary to evaluate what could be the expense to install a fixed air conditioner. It has already been pointed out that the difference in installation costs does not depend on the type of model.

If anything, it can be linked to the size of the air conditioner and the type, be it mono-split or multi-split. It can easily be understood that the installation of two or three elements requires longer times and, therefore, a higher expense.

As far as the installation time is concerned, it is advisable to specify the following: it is not possible to define precisely the time required for the installation of a mono-split air conditioner and relative motor.

This, in fact, depends on a series of factors, including the type of wall, the location in which the air conditioner must be installed and the space available that allows it to move quickly and easily.

When all the conditions are ideal, the complete installation and the verification of the correct functioning can take about three hours. Conversely, the time can be much greater. For the installation of multi-split conditioners, consecutive meetings on different days may also be necessary.

In addition to the time required for installation, remember that the most professional technicians prefer to carry out an inspection before proceeding with the installation. In this way they can realize what the working conditions are, what the possible problems to be solved and what the estimated times for the job.

One of the problems that we often have to face when we want to install an air conditioner is the proximity / distance of the electrical system. In this case it will be necessary to provide connections of various lengths. The initial inspection carried out by the technicians will also be used to evaluate this aspect.


Defining a precise price for the installation of an air conditioner is anything but easy. In fact, much depends not only on the type of work and therefore on the time taken for the installation, but also on other factors.

First, the price depends on the professional that you contact: some of them have higher rates than others. In some cases, when you contact companies that specialize in the installation of air conditioning systems, you may have a cheaper price than you would pay by calling a technician who works on his own.

Needless to say, the price of the installation may also depend on the city where you are. Some Italian companies are in fact more expensive than others and this aspect also has repercussions on the prices of professionals.

The final price of the installation of the air conditioner also depends on the number of splits that have to be fixed, any masonry work, the need to make extensions and various types of connections to the system and much more.

For this reason, before proceeding with the work, it is essential to request one or more estimates, in which all the types of work that must be carried out are accurately reported. In this way it will be possible to choose not only based on costs, but also on the type of services offered at the same price.

It should not be forgotten that some companies, in addition to installation, offer maintenance and overhaul at very affordable prices for all regular customers.

At the time of installation, therefore, even an evaluation of the services provided by the various technicians or companies, is of great importance since the air conditioners must necessarily be overhauled and maintained in order to guarantee a longer duration in time.

An important detail of the installation is the release of the declaration of conformity and the installation certificate. These two documents may be necessary when you need to do something within the time frame covered by the warranty.

Do-it-yourself installation: is it always possible?

One of the best ways to save on the price of installing the air conditioner is to proceed independently.

This is a procedure that is certainly not recommended to those who are not already experts in various types of installations and connections to the electrical system. Furthermore, to be able to do it correctly, you need the right tools.

To meet the needs of those who want to save on the installation of the air conditioner, several brands have created specific mounting kits for these devices.

These are solutions that despite being perfect for non-experts, can be satisfying even for professional technicians. In their simplicity, in fact, they are made with high quality materials, able to ensure a quick installation but, at the same time, of excellent stability.

Of course when opting for this type of kit it is of fundamental importance to choose a model of excellent workmanship, that is made by well-known brands and that make exclusive use of materials according to the law.

The steps for installing the air conditioner independently are the same as those required by the professionals: first, therefore, an evaluation of the rooms and balconies will be necessary to understand where to mount the split and where the motor is installed.

Furthermore, the measures must be taken to define the passage area of ​​the current cables and the condense discharge pipe. Purchasing all the material necessary for the job before starting the job is essential, to avoid the risk of having to interrupt it for lack of elements such as screws, nails, cables or other.

It should be emphasized once again that do-it-yourself installation is not always recommended unless you already have some experience in installing electrical devices, small building works and connections to the systems.

Finally, it must be remembered that when installing an installation on its own, it will not be possible to draw up the declaration of conformity or of the installation certificate, necessary in case of interventions during the period still covered by the guarantee. In fact, these two documents can only be issued by authorized technicians.

– Air conditioner or climate control?

What has been reported up to now only concerns the characteristics and methods of installation of an air conditioner. If, on the other hand, you intend to mount an air conditioner, what will it change?

To better understand the differences between the installation of an air conditioner and those of an air conditioner it is first necessary to know which are the technical characteristics of the latter. And first of all it must be emphasized that air conditioner and air conditioner are not synonymous but represent two different terms to designate two different devices.

The main difference between two means of cooling the rooms is given by the fact that an air conditioner can also manage the degree of humidity, thus bringing an improvement in the respirability of the air which, besides being colder, can be made more or less dry to depending on the needs.

All other parameters, such as temperature regulation or the selection of special filters for a specific air purification are therefore common to both devices.

The preference for an air conditioner or air conditioner can therefore be dictated above all by the need to affect the humidity of the air. For this reason, those who live in a well-insulated environment can opt for an air conditioner without problems.

On the other hand, those who live in a poorly insulated house may need more to regulate the humidity. This above all because when the temperature is changed with a simple conditioner, the humidity in the room is also altered, and in the specific it is lowered.

With the air conditioner, therefore, it becomes possible to also adjust the humidity setting it according to your specific needs.

Air conditioner installation

Regarding the installation of an air conditioner, they do not differ from those for the air conditioner. Therefore, before proceeding with the installation, the technician will have to carry out an inspection to evaluate the possible solutions, ie the best possibilities for the connection to the air conditioner wall.

In some contexts, when the spaces available are few, it may be useful to contact the technician before purchasing the air conditioner so as to be able to ask for advice also on the choice of the model most suited to the space and layout requirements.

As for the air conditioner, moreover, do-it-yourself installation is not always recommended, unless you are already an expert in this type of operation: in addition to fixing the split to the wall, in fact, it will be necessary to make the connection to the system, arrange the ducts for the discharge and fix the external motor.

– To conclude

As highlighted in this article, knowing the installation price of an air conditioner is not very simple since it is not a fixed cost, but depends on a large number of factors.

The difference between the installation of an air conditioner and an air conditioner is practically non-existent: the technical structure, in fact, is similar, as are the connections necessary for operation.

The aspects that influence the installation cost are others. First of all, the size of the system, that is if it is a matter of installing a single element or more splits. In this case, of course, the cost rises in proportion to the number of conditioners to be fixed to the wall.

Still, we must not forget that in many cases, the costs also depend on the geographical area in which we live: it goes without saying, in fact, that certain types of interventions carried out in metropolitan cities can be different compared to the same type of work done in a country of the province.

For this reason, being able to objectively define the cost for an installation of the air conditioner or air conditioner is really very difficult.

To find out what will be the cost necessary for the installation of your system it is therefore necessary to request an accurate estimate, to be drawn up after having carried out an inspection and carefully assessed all the aspects and characteristics of the location.

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