A locked lock is always a problem; especially if someone has been locked in a room and can no longer get out.

What is certain is that, if you stay away from home and you can’t get in anymore because the lock is locked, the problem is not trivial!

In all cases: do not despair!

Maybe it was your fault, or maybe not, but it is an inconvenience that can happen to everyone and for which there is a remedy.

Not knowing how to do it, the first instinct, after having tried and tried the opening again by forcing with the key, undoubtedly, is that of panic and call for help, turning to a locksmith who performs rapid interventions and first aid, or worse still the fire brigade.

In reality unless they are remained children, or people who are not self-sufficient and there is no obvious danger to someone’s health and safety, it is good to avoid bothering the firemen.

At best, keeping a little calm and cool and with a bit of luck you can get by on your own, too in the worst case it will be enough to ask a good blacksmith within a few minutes (an hour at most in the most difficult cases) your problem will have been solved!

Why does a lock get stuck?

The reasons why you find yourself dealing with a locked lock can be different.

In some cases they are simply linked to lock malfunction itself, or to the fact that the old door now and obsolete it has swollen and finds it difficult to open and close properly.

Especially with regard to interior doors, then, it is possible that there is a physical impediment che makes the key no longer able to turn properly: maybe you did whitewash recently and some fresh paint has slipped into the patch, or worse, one of your youngest children has it put on a toy soldier or modeling dough.

Unfortunately this eventuality is much more frequent than you can imagine and when you notice the thing, now the lock is locked!

But the malfunction of a lock, especially for the first entry armored doors, can be caused by a attempted break-in, fortunately not successful.

Or, as unfortunately happens, you may have left the keys stuck in the door from the inside: if there is no handle outside, but only a knob (as often happens) you have officially shut yourself out and it is not certain that you will be able to come back in so easily, even if you have the spare keys!

How to try to open a locked lock

Is it possible to unlock a lock yourself? Yup, there are several attempts you can make, then a lot depends on the situation and the type of door and lock you are dealing with.

In all cases, despite being the most natural thing to try to do, always avoid to force with the key, or you will end up making the situation worse!

The first try correct that you can do to solve the problem, especially with doors with fairly simple cylinders, is to buy a can of descaling spray, insert the nozzle in the lock and make sure that a large amount of fluid penetrates through it.

After that try to reinsert the key and turn it gently: with a bit of luck the door will reopen, even if maybe not right at the very first attempt. As an alternative to the spray you could also use graphite powder that must be distributed, with the aid of a pump, both on the key and inside the locked lock.

The situation becomes more serious when instead the key, or worse a part of the key, remains stuck inside the lock: in these situations you need to be a scassinatori, by cutting the sheet with a sharp tool right where the key is inserted and then trying to grasp the key with pliers.

When dealing with locks from complex cylinders, as in the case of one security door (both double map and European cylinder) everything is even more complicated!

The question is rather serious and laborious and most of the time, especially if you have left the keys hanging inside and maybe you don’t have a copy of them at hand, the locksmith’s intervention is necessary.

In all cases there’s no harm in trying, but remember the haste and anxiety there will be no help: whether you decide to try to open yourself or to contact a locksmith, keep calm!

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