According to statistical estimates of the police, in Britain an intrusion is reported operated inside homes at a rate of about two hours, by reason of geographical areas and period of the year.

The moments of absence of homeowners, favored by a criminal habitat that is attentive to movement, allows criminals to always devise new solutions to break into the house, thanks to the lack of adequate alarm systems and an effective first line of defense.

The criminal profession evolves complying, in step with the times, to the necessary corrective measures, a situation that has rendered ineffective any structure that is impeded, albeit temporary, of theaction of unwary and professionals, the latter true and proper burglary experts.

Consequently the solutions that were introduced in contrast, proved to be simple palliatives against the dedicated fury of thieves, having the sole effect of a minor hindrance that, with cunning and adequate equipment could be bypassed.

The problem faced by the producers in the sector was therefore to devise a system capable of acting like this additional protective barrier to burglary attempts, since the only victory against such actions is to predict what a criminal can do. Here is the reason for which defender since its debut it has received such a heartfelt clamor, revealing itself theunique lock protector of any door.

– Peculiarities of the different locks

If the statement that is true is true a thief intending to sneak into the house sooner or later he will succeed, it is also true that the more impediment he will find to his coveted and criminal enterprise, the greater the chance he will be able to desist, perhaps because disturbed by the arrival of a neighbor during the action that sees him struggling to face theappropriate burglar-proof system.

The advent of armored doors with a multi-point closure system, in the panorama of traditional frames, it was a real revolution, if you think that the stealth activity in the apartments was accomplished with the simple palanquin, called in jargon crowbar.

But despite representing the first bulwark from external attacks to the walls of the house, over time it has become inadequate and, consequently, engineers experienced in the design of locks, from the effective and delicate double-bit model, introduced the European cylinder core.

The substantial difference between the two types of locks, from the point of view of security, lies mainly in the space to insert the key which, being a rather wide slit in the double map models, allows the convenient entry of instruments such as the infamous Bulgarian key, capable of precisely duplicating the two different mappings.

This duplication occurs through the fall of the slats, inside the pistons of the lock core, of the two Bulgarian picks used consecutively, in a way to be modeled by duplicating the effect that the only original key would have to unlock the mechanism.

The European cylinder being a core detached from the mechanism of the lock, it has as unlocking the inserting a very thin key, thus not allowing access to any kind of Bulgarian pick but, at the same time, unable to resist, as much as the old double-bitted cousins, to the so-called dexterity attacks ie the lock picking and the key bumping.

In other words, it is about break-in procedures times, respectively, to make the pistons align manually inside the cylinder, or to cause their simultaneous withdrawal, using other types of tools specifically conceived and with record-breaking timing.

Despite the productive shrewdness in increasing the number of pistons, conformation of the counter pistons or in equipping the locks with safety devices such as anti-drill spiral plates and steel anti-tear reinforcements, nothing can annul the will of a tactically prepared thief like the magnetic defender for lock.

– How the magnetic lock defender works

This innovative stratagem is a real one lock of the armored door from the inside, whose visible part on the external cladding panel looks like a sort of metal casing, which conceals the key insertion slot of the actual lock.

The defender, erroneously to what one might think, is not a lock made up of a retractable system, but rather it is an accessory, in the less common meaning of the term, useful so that the lock, whether it is a double map or a European cylinder, is not accessible from the outside if not after liberation of the metal plate placed in its defense.

The name chosen could not have been more suitable, since in other words the mechanism, also known as safety rosette, provides that a tempered steel frame, by sliding one single body slab and maximum hold, allows access to the lock key, only after the release by coded magnetic key.

This monobloc, visible as a stud inaccessible from any perspective, is mounted using passing screws directly inside the frame to which it is fixed, becoming virtually unassailable from the outside, provided that the defender chosen is of good quality and equipped with anti-shock system.

For this purpose, the rounded contour rosette must not present separation from the central protective stud since, if removed following a break-in, it would be possible to access the mechanism of the defender and using a simple metal cylinder, cause the break and the necessary decay of the entire block.

In this way the defender with antishock system is presented as the only molten body, preventing it from happening empty spaces in the cylinder support cradle can be achieved. It should be remembered that a thief acts by surprise and with limited availability of time to swallow different burglary systems, therefore the impediment factor, represented by a tempered protection that does not allow any margin of maneuver with various crowbars, is perhaps the only deterrent to his fearless mission.

The magnetic defender, unlike the traditional model, provides that the release of the sliding mechanism of the front plate is feasible only with the magnetic key, specially encrypted via coding system to six thousand combination variables, which allows a high margin of protection against duplication.

The magnetic defender performs its action in an optimal manner if combined with European cylinder lock, since systems of the latest design capable of limiting not only the burglary works, but also purely vandalistic acts carried out with the sole intent of causing inconvenience to the apartment owners.

The evaluation coefficients in terms of the effective protection that the defender devices are able to guarantee, vary not only in function of models is manufacturers, but also due to the size of the armored doors or better to the lock compartment area and the projection it generates.

Each door is designed according to heterogeneous quality standards which, however similar, differ inuse of internal sheets to the structure as well as the relative coatings, involving variables of aboutsupport of the lock on the panel external and, consequently, the applicability of one defender model instead of another.

In principle the aspect of sizing is what distinguishes the double map magnetic defender, since it is known that, usually, the system adopted for these locks implies that the different closing blocks are operated from theinsertion of two keys, upper and lower, obviously involving the adoption of a more substantial model.

Although there are prototypes of double-bitted lock that they perform the assigned task very well, the major implications involved in the considerations of simpler burglary methods, place these models in the background with respect to those with European cylinders, without a doubt much more adequate.

In fact the latter is already born with devices such as the anti-perforation treatment of the surface or the greater resistance of the anti-tear stud, which together with the use of the defender system decree it superior quality in terms of tenacity to violent attacks by burglars.

A magnetic defender on a lock of good quality will not allow the maneuver with which they are able to disperse the cylinder by using simple steel tubes, such as the classic innocent tube, which inserted into the unprotected housing cause breakage due to continuous pressure exercised with repeated and multi-directional force movements.

– Opinions on the magnetic defender

Despite recent polls, they have decreed a drop in interest by criminals in dedicating themselves to thefts in apartments, in reality it is only a decrease of the less specialized ones. For this reason, apartment owners who are committed to safeguarding what is jealously guarded within them, endeavor to cause improvements to security systems acts to preserve the entity.

To this end, companies specializing in the realization of anti-intrusive systems have developed a magnetic defender model with direct trigger system on the planthome alarm. Model defender alarmed it also has two additional features that justify the slightly higher cost, ie theremote control unit option with SIM card, capable of alerting the numbers in memory in case of activation and the rod lock system, which limits false alarms or blocks except in the case of actual burglary.

The defender has some unique features in the protection of any lock, because specifically designed to withstand attacks from outside of any kind, guaranteeing anti-tube effectiveness, anti-extraction is anti-perforation. On the back of the various armored locks, it qualifies as theabsolute best selling item, with positive feedback from the assembling technicians and those who elected him to protect the entrance door.

The inspections carried out following the burglary by the police forces have registered failure at theft in all the apartments whose locks were equipped with a magnetic defender. For this it represents the only truly valid system, among the impediments that can be devised, to remedy the burglary action made with the methodologies known until now.

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