Using the best wood chisels, when you’re working, is a matter of primary importance for every carpenter.

The wood chisel, in fact, is by far the most used instrument by carving professionals, thanks to the immediate and practical work that it carries out, consisting in removing pieces of material in the form of splinters.

Of course it is not only used for carve wood by hand, but it also works a lot when dealing with other types of material.

In this guide, however, we will focus exclusively on carpenter’s chisels, trying to understand how many types exist and which are the best available on the market. To do this, let us first try to establish how many and which forms they are presented to and what are the characteristics that distinguish them.

– Professional wood chisels: how they are presented

We have seen how, among the tools for sculpting wood, the chisel is undoubtedly the most important. Speaking of wood chisels, however, is a bit generic, given that this type of tool is actually divided into three distinct categories, each of which designates a specific type of instrument.

Classic chisel

The first and most important category is that of the classic chisel, that is, the typical tool used to carve wood. Presents a straight blade, provided with a cutting edge placed on the extreme edge in a transverse manner, positioned on the opposite side to the handle.

Its use is varied: it can be used both to make grooves and joints, and to affix corrections on the surface of the wood.


It is thus defined that the particular type of chisel that presents a straight cutting edge obtained in the thickness of the blade. It is used to do jobs of greater precision, such as engraving narrow and deep grooves.


This type of chisel has one semi-cylindrical blade, which therefore appears rounded or rounded. The grooves produced by it therefore take on the same shape, appearing concave or convex depending on where the bevel has been sharpened.

Both of these three categories are indispensable in carpentry, but what sets them apart from each other is the how to use them: while the first two can in fact be used with the aid of a mallet, in order to facilitate the entry of the tip into the wooden material, the gouge must be pushed only and exclusively by manual pressure.

This is a fundamental distinction, necessary to use these tools while respecting their potential.

– The electric wood chisel: perfect for DIY

The ones we have examined so far are professional wood chisels and, as such, suitable for use by carpenters with a minimum of experience in the trade.

If we do not fall into this category, there is no problem: to help us in our do-it-yourself jobs we think of the electric wood chisel which, thanks to its practicality of use, is easy to handle by anyone.

It looks like a sort of welder, equipped with a machine body designed to simulate the bit of the chisel on the surface to be machined.

The uses that can be done with an electric chisel are really many and varied. In essence, it does exactly the same thing as manual chisels, with the difference that, being electric, once the motor is activated this will do everything by itself, greatly simplifying our work.

This is why it is the perfect tool for DIY enthusiasts who, as the word itself says, love to do small craft projects on their own and are keen to do it with the help of the best tools available.


We have seen how, fundamentally, there are three different types of professional wood chisels and how the electric wood chisel deserves a special mention. Now we will return to focus on the first type, the one that requires a certain manual skill and experience on the part of those who use it.

A wood professional, in fact, manages to achieve works of great precision and beauty only if it makes use of the best chisels, that is those that, for quality and characteristics, offer the highest degree of professionalism.

Getting the right equipment, in fact, is essential if you want to be recognized as experts of your work and a good carpenter knows this very well. Hence the need to have no doubt at the time of purchase, acting with the certainty of one who knows the merchandise in front of him and knows exactly what to choose.

This guide, therefore, aims to help the professional in his choice, proposing those that are the best wood chisels currently available on the market.

Much also depends on the personal preferences of each carpenter: this is obvious. Nevertheless, having a general idea of technical characteristics of each product it is something that certainly does not hurt.

1. Mannesmann – M66104 – 4-piece chisel set, in wooden box

This wonder of Mannesmann will be able to make every carpenter happy. It is a set consisting of four sharp chisels, all with a practical wooden handle and a refined design.

The real strength of this product, however, lies in the beautiful blades each tool is equipped with: all forged in chrome vanadium steel, they are extremely sharp and resistant, perfect for sculpting and carving even the strongest and hardest woods.

Furthermore, due to their potential danger, they are equipped with a protective cap which, in addition to avoiding the risk of possible accidents, will also serve to protect their high quality.

This is because Mannesmann also cares a lot about the safety of those who buy its products and, for this reason, it always offers only high quality tools, perfect for the most demanding and fussy consumers.

Buying this set, therefore, means meeting not only a guarantee of quality, but also and above all safety, since nothing is left to chance and everything is perfectly designed to offer a highly professional, practical and safe product in its use and also nice to look at, which certainly doesn’t hurt.

2. 2S & R Chisels for Wood. Set of 5 Chisels: 6, 12, 20, 25, 32 mm.

This fantastic set, composed in total of five chisels, is another of the best products that the market offers for experienced and demanding carpenters. Also available in a practical box of transparent material, they are confirmed as one of the best tools for working with wood.

Thanks to them razor-sharp blade, made of forged, tempered, rectified and easily sharpened steel, these magnificent chisels are able to guarantee an excellent precision in the workmanship, making the happiness of any professional.

The handle is of the multi-component type and the set also includes i blade protective caps, in order to avoid any risk when handling them.

This product is recommended especially for those carpenters who put the practicality and ease of use of the material in the first place. The special ergonomics of the handle, in fact, makes these chisels easier to grip, thus allowing their use to be simpler and more immediate, as well as faster.

3. Draper Tools Chisel Set for Wood 88605 – 6 Chisels

When it comes to joinery tools, Draper is undoubtedly one of the best brands available on the market. This beautiful set of professional chiselsin fact, it is a clear example and can easily be placed among the top of the range.

The package is very large, as it contains six different chisels. These, in turn, are equipped with one very practical handle, very practical to use and, above all, very sharp blades with extreme precision.

This characteristic is determined by the fact that the material of which they are composed is a excellent chrome vanadium steel, whose quality is preserved thanks to special anti-corrosion paint of which the blades are entirely covered.

The wonder of this set, however, does not stop there. Noteworthy is the fact that Draper has thought of inserting, included in the packaging, two other exceptional options: a special stone made of aluminum oxide and a practical guide dedicated to the sharpening operation.

This allows anyone who decides to buy the product not to have to spend more money in procuring the material needed to maintain the high quality standards of the blades.

All that is needed is, in fact, already naturally present in the package: the stone is the only thing needed to carry out this delicate, but necessary operation, while the guide will serve to clarify any doubts or questions regarding sharpening. A real bargain, in fact.

4. Kirschen Werkzeuge 1101HK Set of wood chisels

If you are a carpenter who likes to bring their own tools and therefore need the maximum in comfort and compactness, this special product from the Kirschen Werkzeuge could be exactly what you need.

This is a very practical set composed of six different chisels, sorted in ascending (or decreasing, order, depending on the point of view from which you look at them) based on their length. Made in special tool steel, present awooden handle and, for those interested, they are available in different colors.

The true strength of this set, as has been said, lies in his incredible and practical compactness: it looks like a beautiful wooden box with side opening, containing only the six chisels and, therefore, perfect for those who need to carry them around.

The chisels, in addition to size, also differ in the type of blade and its tip. This gives the possibility to use them for various jobs and precision works, choosing at the moment the best and most suitable tool for the type of work we are doing.

– Conclusions

We have examined the different types of wood chisels on the market, with a small mention also to the electric ones. We then focused on those for strictly professional use, drawing up a list of the best products and carefully outlining all the features.

The last word, at this point, is directly up to the carpenters who will make the purchase: the models presented here are all from excellent quality and always represent a great deal. Choosing which to buy, therefore, could also prove difficult and generate indecision.

What matters is that whatever the choice made, it reflects the expectations of the professional and that the product he purchased really represents the precious help he was looking for.

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