– Main features of an outdoor or indoor woodshed

When wood is used continuously for the fireplace or to feed green heating systems, it is necessary to have a dry and sheltered place in which to store the logs.

Depending on the space available or special needs, you can opt for an indoor or outdoor environment. However, leaving the log uncovered is never a good idea, especially when they are stored in an open environment.

First, in fact, the spaces between the different trunks can be used by small rodents to make your own den. Furthermore, it is possible that among the trunks accumulate the typical dirt of the garden, made of dried flowers and dead leaves that, with rain and humidity could mold, creating hygiene problems. But the main problem is above all the possibility, in case of rain or snow, that the wood is wet.

Instead, to have the certainty of a fire that is always lively and does not create smoke, it is essential to use dry wood. If covering the wood with a cellophane sheet can be a practical and economical choice, but not very elegant from an aesthetic point of view, the best solution is instead to opt for the purchase of an outdoor woodshed, which is treated in such a way as to guarantee maximum insulation for the wood which will thus remain protected from humidity and rain.

There are many types of woodshed on the market, characterized by different sizes and materials, both indoor and outdoor, for the most part in wood or metal. If you think that a woodshed can occupy a large footprint, it must immediately be emphasized that the most compact models can be easily installed on a balcony, ensuring maximum protection for wood and at the same time occupying a relatively small volume.

An aspect to be taken into consideration when choosing the woodshed is not only relative to the external dimensions but above all to the space available internally, that is to the practicality with which the wood logs can be inserted and removed. A good woodshed is structured to ensure perfect internal organization of the logs, which can be taken very easily, without risking dangerous collapses.

In most cases, the woodsheds, regardless of the models or materials, must be positioned at close to the walls, so as to ensure greater stability. Therefore, before buying your own woodshed, it may be a good idea to evaluate the available space, ie the place where the structure can be positioned in the best way to guarantee both maximum practicality of use and ahigh security.

As for the technical characteristics of a woodshed, it must immediately be specified that, first of all, a woodshed must be able to guarantee maximum protection for wood. For this reason, regardless of the construction material, it must be absolutely waterproof.

For this reason, wooden models are usually treated to be thewaterproofed along the structure while the roof is usually protected by bituminous membranes that ensure maximum protection against rain and damp. Metal woodsheds, on the other hand, are generally subjected to anti-rust treatments, to ensure greater resistance to atmospheric agents over time.

Depending on the type of wood shed, whether it is in metal or in wood and of more or less compact dimensions, the costs can vary considerably. Indoor woodsheds are usually the most economical, because they are small and because they do not require special treatments for greater resistance to atmospheric agents.

In contrast, i outdoor models can have high costs not only for the larger dimensions, but also for the waterproofing treatments to which they are subjected.

– Prefabricated wood shed or do-it-yourself models?

A peculiarity of the more compact woodsheds, both outdoor and indoor, is that they can be easily made even by the do-it-yourself lovers and bricolage. However, when it is necessary to opt for large models, it is better to focus on prefabricated ones.

These can be purchased and assembled independently when they are not too large in size while, in the case of larger dimensions, it would be appropriate to request help, especially when you are not an expert on do-it-yourself jobs and the weight of panels is consistent.

Even when it comes to prefabricated wood shedsin fact, we must not think that they arrive already assembled and ready for use, especially in the case of large models.

Instead, they have panels to be assembled by following the instructions given in the user manuals, making sure to correctly fix all the different parts and sections.


As often happens, it is difficult to define, between different products of excellent quality and workmanship, which one may be the best. In many cases, in fact, not only quality but also personal taste and, above all, the different specific needs come into play.

For example, those who want to install a wooden woodshed at home or in the garden will tend not to consider metal models, although they may be of excellent quality.

1. Wood outdoor lumber for the garden of La Pratolina

This woodshed model is designed to be placed outdoors. Made entirely of fir wood, it is treated with waterproofing on the whole structure. In addition the roof, in addition to being slightly sloping, is covered with one bituminous sheath which ensures perfect resistance to water and possible infiltrations. The sheath must be attached at the time of assembly.

The woodshed has medium-large dimensions, being 170x170x60 centimeters. It arrives disassembled and must be assembled using the instruction manual and the assembly kit. Considering the large dimensions it is advisable to mount the woodshed in a wide environment, in which it is possible to move with comfort.

Its simple and essential design makes it perfect to be placed in the garden, next to a wall, in a patio completely furnished in wood or even on the terrace, next to an outdoor sitting area. In fact, besides being a practical woodshed, it can be considered a real one furnishing element, to be inserted in contexts that present rustic or ethnic furniture.

The dimensions are compatible with a large quantity of wood: in fact, inside it can be inserted up to about ten tons of wood. This is an indicative value, since the size of the logs and the ways in which they are cut can affect the possibility of positioning inside the woodshed itself. For greater safety and stability, the woodshed can be fixed to the wall: inside the packaging, however, no indications are given about it.

2. Iron shed for stacking Tronchetti of Wolcraft

This wood holder is a perfect solution for a large number of needs. It is a model adjustable in length, being able to be extended up to 234 centimeters. The initial dimensions are 98x40x30 centimeters. It can be used either for internal and external use, according to the requirements. In case of use in the garden it is advisable to place in a protected area or to cover the wood with a waterproof sheet.

The design of this woodshed is very simple: in fact it presents one U-shaped, with flat and extendable base. At the base there are broads plastic feet that ensure a correct spacing of the wood from the ground, so as to allow even the trunks at the bottom to be always ventilated and not dampened. Moreover these same feet ensure one anti-slip function ensuring greater stability of the structure.

The woodshed is purchased to be assembled and must be mounted following the instructions on the leaflet. This is a very simple procedure, made even more rapid by the presence of the assembly kit which presents all the elements necessary for assembly. This wood holder can be used in different contexts, both outdoors and indoors.

At home, it can be placed in a living area, either next to the fireplace or next to a sofa or study area. In fact, its modern design makes it perfect as a furnishing element. It is a very practical woodshed due to the ease with which it is possible to store and take wood. It is advisable not to load the product with an excess of materials, ie not to exceed the containment edge.

3. Wooden wood shelf for interior and exterior of Dobar

This woodshed is characterized by essential dimensions, being just 39x39x85 cm and weighing 5 kilos. It is therefore a perfect model for those who do not use excessive amounts of wood or prefer to keep only a few blocks of wood close at hand, to be used when needed.

It can be used at home, to be kept next to the fireplace or in another position convenient for the rapid collection of wood, or in the garden. In this case, however, we recommend placing the woodshed in a protected environment. This model, in fact, presents a elegant design, characterized by a half-timbered structure which, if on one side is perfect to guarantee excellent aeration to the wood deposited, on the other hand does not save it from rain and humidity.

Style typically rustic makes this wood holder particularly suitable to be used in environments that have a furniture in wood or bamboo, with rustic, Provencal or ethnic style. In the case of a mountain hut with a fireplace in the kitchen, this woodshed is the perfect solution, ensuring minimum space in a room that is usually very busy, especially during meal preparation hours.

The wood with which the structure is made is impregnated pine, that is treated in such a way as to guarantee a high resistance to atmospheric agents and adverse weather conditions. The color of the woodshed is Brown. Finally, the quality of the structure is guaranteed by the presence of EU certifications.

The assembling is simple and immediate: inside the package there is a manual with assembly instructions and illustrations for the various phases. It should be noted, however, that only a German version is available. For other languages, the address of the brand’s website is available from which to download the instructions.

4. Keri black metal door by CLP

This wood holder is much more than a simple accessory to keep the wood tidy and ready for use. It is in fact a real design element, made to be positioned in home or in another closed environment, where it can perform the double function of woodshed and furnishing accessory.

The style that characterizes it is modern, with simple and essential lines but particularly resistant. Available in eight different sizes, it can be chosen in the smaller version, 25x40x100 centimeters up to the larger one, which has measures of 25x100x150 centimeters.

Along the side elements there are some stationary structures, which are not only aesthetic but also highly functional as they allow a better positioning of the wood in a single way. In this way it will also be easier to take and place the wood logs inside the woodshed.

If the elegant, modern and essential design represents an element of great value for this wood holder, even the materials chosen for its realization can be considered of the highest quality. In fact, the structure is completely in powder-coated stainless steel. Regardless of the size chosen, this model is only available in matt black.

The base is characterized by the presence of four rubber dowels which guarantee a function scratchproof. In this way the woodshed can be moved without fear of scratching the floor. For weight problems, however, it is always recommended to remove the wood logs before proceeding with any lifting or moving operation.

It can be used next to the fireplace, or in any other living environment as a furnishing element. His modern design and simple adapts to a large number of solutions and styles. Very stable, in all its versions and dimensions, this woodshed is completely handmade and manufactured. Comes to assemble: instructions and assembly kits are present inside the package.

5. Shelter rack for CLP Spark fireplace

Those who need a compact model can find an excellent solution on the Spark woodshelf for the CLP fireplace. Available in three different colors, stainless steel, opaque white and opaque black, this wood holder stands out for the size of the base, just 25 × 25 centimeters.

They are then available six different heights, from just 80 centimeters up to 180. The modern design and the essential profile make this woodshed perfect to be placed in modern living areas. In the package, in addition to the metal structure of the chosen color, there are anti-scratch rubber feet that guarantee high stability to the wood holder.

In addition, fishermen are also supplied to attach the woodshed to the wall, thus using the wood holder in a different and innovative way. The woodshed, completely handmade, arrives to be assembled. It is a simple and immediate procedure, easily achievable even by a single person.

– Wood or metal?

One of the main doubts that can arise when choosing your own woodshed can be related to the type of material: better to opt for a wood or metal woodshed? As one can easily imagine the answer is not immediate, but depends on a series of circumstances that must be considered carefully.

Leaving aside the economic factor, since we find models of all prices for both solutions, we can certainly say that the main motivation towards one or the other material should be the aesthetic factor. In fact, the woodshed will be placed in a well-defined environment, which can be the garden, the terrace or the interior of one’s own home.

It goes without saying that you will have to opt for a material that can perfectly adapt to the style of thehome furnishings and, in particular, of the room where the woodshed is to be inserted.

– When to choose wooden models

If the woodshed is placed in a living area furnished in a rustic, ethnic, Provencal or classic style, the choice is certainly projected towards the wooden models. They can then be more or less large depending on the case and, above all, on the space available. Furthermore, the style may also be different. Woodshed, in fact, does not allow defining the style and characteristics of the woodshed itself.

There are many models characterized by essential lines and perfect to be inserted only in a modern context. Vice versa, it is possible to choose models with particular shapes or structures that fit well in more contexts classic or rustic. The Dobar wood holder, for example, can be a perfect solution for rustic or Provencal environments while it would not be suitable in a more purely classical context.

– When to choose metal

Those who live in an apartment characterized by a modern style may need a wood holder instead, able to fit perfectly into this type of context. It will therefore be necessary to opt for models in metal, iron or steel depending on the case, which must be characterized by a essential design, with simple and slender lines but, at the same time, highly resistant to be able to guarantee the support of wood logs.

A separate discussion should be made if wrought iron models are chosen. This type of woodshed, in fact, is typical of the rooms in classic style or furnished in a manner vintage. Often, this type of woodshed is tailor-made by locksmiths who also make elegant spark plugs at the same time to create unique accessories for furnishing their fireplace.

– Not just woodshed: some practical tools

Some models of larger woodsheds have, besides the space for the positioning of the logs, also an environment where they can place tools that can be useful for cutting wood, when this is done personally by the owner of the woodshed. It is therefore possible to arrange, within this space, hatchets, saws, wedges and more.

Of course, the woodsheds with this environment for utensils are on average large. They can be placed outside, ie in the garden or on a terrace, or in a warehouse or workshop, along with any other work tools.

When you have a woodshed with a separate area for tools it is important to make sure that these can be closed with a bolt or a good lock: in fact, they are dangerous instruments, which must be kept away from children and pets. Wood workers of this type are very common among those living in rural or mountain areas and, therefore, they usually have available large spaces outside the house.

– To conclude

The woodshed is an essential accessory when you have it in the house a fireplace or a wood stove and can be chosen in many different styles, materials, models and sizes.
When choosing one indoor woodshed it is important that it is characterized by compact dimensions, so as to ensure a good load of the wood but, at the same time, a minimum encumbrance in the room.

Furthermore, these models must be chosen in such a way as to fit as closely as possible into the room. Even when you opt for a outdoor model it is important to carefully evaluate the context in which it is inserted.

It should not be thought, in fact, that only at home should the care of the environments be taken care of. If the woodshed is placed in a green garden, with trees and bushes, the most suitable solution is to choose a wooden model, able to fit perfectly into the wood of trees.

It is, among other things, a very green solution, in perfect line with those who choose to live in a house with a garden. If the woodshed is used not only for the wood of the fireplace, but also to store the fuel for any wood biomass heating systems or other alternative heating, it will be necessary to aim for a model of large size, which can accumulate a large number of logs ready for use.

In the case of very large woodsheds, however, it is essential to opt for cabin models, capable of ensuring greater stability and balance, necessary to contain large quantities of wood. If, on the other hand, you are aiming for classic models, try to fix the structure to a wall or a wall to ensure a perfect hold of the woodshed when you take or lay the wood.

It should also never be forgotten that the woodshed, regardless of the type of material it is made of or its size, has a maximum capacity that must not be exceeded. Inside the user manual of the model purchased are always shown technical features, including dimensions and weight. However, what you need to evaluate immediately is the flow rate: placing too much wood on your wood-holder, in fact, can cause two main problems.

The first, much less serious, is deformation of the base, since it will not be able to withstand the excessive weight with which it was loaded. The second, more serious, is the possible collapse of the structure. An excessive load, in fact, in addition to deforming the base can affect the whole structure destabilizing it. Needless to emphasize, therefore, the importance of never exceeding the load limit stated in the instructions.

Finally, it may be useful to remember that opting for modular models makes it possible to increase the dimensions of the woodshed in case of need. If initially, in fact, you do not have a good idea of ​​the quantities of wood that are used during the year, rather than buying a woodshed model that could then prove to be insufficient or too large for your needs, you can instead evaluate the idea of module solutions.

In this way it will be possible to increase the number of modules required according to the requirements or, vice versa, it will be possible to dismantle modules that are no longer necessary so as not to occupy useless space with an empty woodshed.

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