When you find yourself having to renovate an old bathroom, or you need to decide how to furnish a new one, more and more often you run into the harsh reality: space is little, very less than we would like and often even less than in fact it would be necessary.

How to do it then? No fear! Before you panic, know that today, too in really minimal spaces, it is possible to work miracles, simply using i right materials, furnishings and sanitary ware ad hoc, or resorting to small tricks.

So let’s see what strategies can be implemented to be able to organize a small bathroom in the best possible way, without having to give up something and above all without suffering from claustrophobia and feeling oppressed every time you find yourself locked in, because in fact this it is the greatest risk you run when dealing with confined spaces.

Minimal bathroom: how much?

It must be said that the concept of measure, expressed in terms of “Big or small”, it is extremely relative and it varies from person to person, depending on the habits and lifestyle of each person.

There are really tiny bathrooms and others that, although they never seem large enough, have fairly normal dimensions, maybe they are only long and narrow or have irregular shapes, but they can be well equipped if you study an ad hoc project.

In any case, the domestic bathrooms must be made in compliance with the rules prescribed by the building regulation of the Municipality in which they live, which indicate the minimum surface area to be used for this function and generally provide different parameters depending on whether one is dealing with a main bathroom with respect to a service bathroom.

The minimum wage in general it is around 2 square meters, but it must be borne in mind that the national law (Ministerial Decree Health 5 July 1975), although not reporting a minimum or maximum surface area to be used as a bathroom, makes a list of indispensable items (at least for the master bathrooms), which are vase, bidet, bathtub or shower, sink and it is guaranteed that everyone in 2 square meters cannot enter, let alone if we also think of inserting a washing machine or other!

How to choose flooring and cladding

There first coknow how to do is focus on choice of the most suitable flooring and at the same time decide which coating, or masonry treatment, to use for the walls.

The objective to be pursued, of course, is to find something that at a first glance deceive the view, giving the impression of entering a more spacious environment of what we have in effect.

The best thing would be to continue with the same flooring used for other rooms, especially if there is parquet everywhere and then treat the walls evenly with resin or with appropriate water-repellent treatments, which also give a great sense of shine.

If you wish to differentiate know that the resin it is perfect to lay even on the ground: it allows a great customization, not only in the choice of nuances, but also in the type of effect that is preferred, it is simple to clean and maintain and gives a sense of unparalleled uniformity.

Dark colors and large tile sizes are banned! In all cases, if you choose to use the tiles, the ideal would be to use the mosaics, even better if they are more shiny and bright glassy, ​​but also ceramics are fine, or to the so-called ingots or strips, long and narrow, perhaps to be staggered and in all cases always with leaks as much as possible narrow.

The importance of choosing the right healthcare

If space is too little, optimizing it is undoubtedly the first mission and to pursue it adequately you must first of all choose compact sanitary fixtures with a minimum footprint, starting from the vase and the bidet, which should possibly be placed side by side (as long as there is no lack of space for the bidet you do not have to end up giving up!).

Today this is not really a problem: there are many on the market and you will certainly not find it hard to find models that please you even from an aesthetic point of view.

Also minimal washbasins, called “lavamani”, now come offered in infinite variations: supporting, recessed, suspended or integrated, round, oval, square, rectangular and even triangular, trapezoidal or even more extravagant shapes; perfect for small spaces too corner versions.

Obviously in a small bathroom you opt for the shower and not for the tub. The advice is to prefer box completely transparent and light that at first sight they almost tend to disappear.

The furnishing elements, accessories and details

In a small bathroom there fundamental rule is eliminate all that is superfluous! You will have to insert only the necessary furnishing elements, preferring compact furniture with clean and essential lines.

Better avoid the wall units, especially if tall and imposing, as well as bulky furniture on the ground; if you really need space where you can support your things it is good that you orient yourself on narrow columns, but better still are i open boxes e the shelves, being careful not to fill them with stuff in plain sight!

The ideal would be to opt for a small suspended cabinet, with a countertop washbasin positioned above and perhaps also equipped with a towel rail, which otherwise is good to keep on heated towel rail, absolutely preferable to the classic radiator, so as to minimize the overall dimensions and not to fill and weigh down a space in itself is a little cramped. The mirror the bigger the better it will help you give a sense of greater breadth to the room.

It is now possible to find on the market furnishings specially designed for minimal bathrooms, which not only have compact dimensions, but that contain multiple functions in a single element. The passwords must be essentiality, order, rigor and cleanliness, even the decorative elements must be few, minimal and better if of some use!

Materials, colors and finishes

The choice of materials, finishes and colors is very important which must be: strictly Clear!

But be careful because while white certainly illuminates giving the optical illusion of having more space, a completely white bathroom is difficult to maintain and clean.

Therefore, perhaps it is better to prefer soft and pastel colors, especially for the floor, where you can also with a bit of audacity risk more modern bright and bright colors, as long as they are not dark, better still if shiny or with reflections bright.

For an impeccable result, it is enough to skillfully mix a color alternating with white, also thanks to the use of the most appropriate furniture and accessories.

Lighting plays a key role

Luckily, In many cases, when it comes to small toilets, they are “second bathrooms” and therefore you can also have an easier-to-use toilet in the house; unfortunately, however, for this reason not only the square meters available are few, but the locals also appear to be blind, that is without windows and any source of natural light. Having said that, in some places, it is also possible to create main bathrooms without windows, everything depends on what is prescribed by the hygiene regulation in force in the Municipality where you are.

In all cases, in an environment such as the bathroom (where, for example, to put on makeup or to shave, it is necessary to see each other really well!) So that this can be welcoming, usable and functional, one careful and careful study of artificial lighting is always essential, all the more so when dealing with the only available light source and / or when the environment is very small.

The tight spaces and no openings always make it a little bit uncomfortable, if they are dark or poorly lit, the result can only be a complete disaster and it becomes even more complex to create the perfect atmosphere!

The choice of the most appropriate type of lighting and the lamps needed to create it is something to be reckoned with. There light must be able to relax, resulting warm and welcoming, but at the same time it is good that everything the environment is well lit..

The ideal would be to create a discreet and almost invisible recessed lighting that uniformly serves the whole room and does not take away space and then integrate it with a light point above the mirror, preferring a very minimal lamp.

We hope to have provided you with useful ideas to be able to create a perfect minimal bathroom: now it is up to you with a taste and love to furnish your small bathroom!

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