Painting the walls at home is a fairly simple activity. For an impeccable job it is obviously possible to rely on professionals in the sector, but also on their own, in a completely autonomous way, it is possible to change the appearance of the walls of the house.

Painting the walls does not just mean changing their color or refreshing the existing one: just choose special effects to give life to very original walls.

Paint effects walls: which ones to choose? We want to try to give an answer to this question with a brief overview of the most interesting effects, and also the simplest to carry out.

Walls Paint Effects, the veiling

Among the most simple decorative techniques to make, we must certainly remember the glazing.

Simplicity is certainly not the only advantage it entails, it is indeed a very versatile technique that allows us to give life to a series of almost infinite effects.

What is it about? After having passed a rather opaque base, preferably with washable paint, different colors with a veiled finish are used. These colors can only be passed once or several times, depending on the type of effect you want to give life to. The colors can be chosen both in shades that contrast intensely with each other and in similar shades instead; choice that also in this case depends on the final effect to be obtained.

This technique actually has many variations, depending on the tool you want to use. Here are the most loved.

Walls Paint Effects: the sponge

The name of this technique comes from the tool used, a sponge. You can decide to use a natural sponge or a synthetic sponge.

Both are suitable, but the final result will be different: in fact, synthetic sponges allow to create a homogeneous finish with a design that is always repeated in the same identical way while natural sponges make the wall more irregular.

Sponging can be done in two different ways:

  • The method to put. After passing the base color on the wall and drying it, soak the sponge in the paint and dab it directly on the wall. The touches should be rather light and it is important to avoid crawling the sponge on the wall.
  • The method to remove. After passing the base color, pass the second color chosen on the wall. Before it dries, tap the sponge and remove the color.

We must admit that the second method offers a result of greater impact, but it is also a bit more complex.

Walls Paint Effects, spatulate it

If the complex decorations don’t scare you, you can experiment with it spatula. The final effect is really wonderful: a wall that in fact will be very shiny and completely smooth to the touch. Do you know the marmorino? The aesthetic effect is very similar.

However, to achieve a truly exceptional spatula effect it is important to use special paints, similar in density to the stuccos. These paints spread directly with a spatula, preferably in plastic.

Walls Paint Effects, the striped

Hard bristle brushes that can be used for another truly exceptional effect are also available on the market. We are talking about the striped effect, simple to make and really very original. Before the dye dries, pass the brush on the wall trying to make only one-way movements only.

If you choose vertical lines try to make movements from top to bottom while if you want to work horizontally try to make movements from right to left. You will create a continuous, homogeneous and sophisticated rifling that, believe it, will literally leave you breathless, given its beauty.

To succeed in this enterprise, however, it is important that you never remove the brush from the wall and that the movements are safe but at the same time light.

Whatever the decorative effect you have decided to make, we remind you that it is not the ideal choice only for interiors, but also for exteriors.

We also remind you that to be able to obtain a flawless effect it is important to remove any imperfections from the plaster and spread a layer of fixative product before the base. Attention, you must always protect the furniture at home before starting to work with paints. It would also be preferable to cover the floor with newspaper or nylon cloths.

Also using the paper adhesive tape, cover the skirting board, the power sockets and the switches. In this way your work will also be a hundred percent clean.

Now you have all the information you need to choose how to decorate the walls of your home. What effect has struck you most?

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Ellen McCarthy
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