The non-spin washing machine causes scenes of panic and despair in any home. It is an appliance now present in almost all families and living without is unthinkable for most of us.

And like a good trusted friend, when he suddenly turns his back on us from one day to the other, we are lost. It takes just a few days without being able to wash clothes to create disorder and inconvenience for a family.

Yet in the past our grandmothers wash clothes by hand and stretch them to dry in the open air, certainly a broken washing machine would not have represented a drama for them. But today we are completely dependent on technology and this magical home appliance.

In addition to irreversible situations of breaking the washing machine, there are also less serious problems that can be solved with a little patience and thus harmony can be restored at home. One of the most common problems is the non centrifuge operation. The washing machine turns on, the basket turns and everything seems to go the right way.

But at the time of spin the basket it continues to rotate at the same speed as before and the result is clothes soaked with water and resignation in front of that damn appliance or the washing machine spins irregularly and even makes fun of us: with the empty basket it works perfectly, but as soon as we try to put on even a shirt leaves us.

But what are the causes of these problems? And above all, how to solve them? Call a technician, you say. But it is not so. With

a bit of patience and wit you’ll be able to fix everything by yourself!

– Why doesn’t the washing machine spin?

The first important step to take in front of a washing machine that does not spin is surely to understand what the causes are of this problem. surely some are not immediate to seize, but it is much easier than it might seem. The main reasons are explained below.

1. A first, perhaps trivial, mistake is to have selected a program of washing which does not include the centrifuge. To help you consult your washing machine’s instruction booklet.

If so, obviously the basket will continue to rotate at the same speed. This is an oversight, don’t worry, luckily it will be a walk to solve the problem.

2. If water has remained inside the basket and the non-spin washing machine is facing a issue of drain. This type of problem inevitably affects the functioning of the washing machine. In fact, when the washing machine does not drain properly it does not even spin.

3. Another cause could be damage of the door switch. It is an important component for the functioning of the washing machine, as it is the door lock system. If it does not do its job, the centrifuge does not operate.

4. The problem could be caused by the belt . If, in addition to the missed spin, you hear a rattling noise when the appliance is in operation, it is very likely because of the belt.

This is a fundamental component for the functioning of the washing machine, as it connects the motor to the drum and must never leave the pulley.

The latter is a device that allows the basket to rotate and the belt works on it. It is sufficient that the belt is broken (or even only loose), to prevent the appliance from spinning.

5. Finally, another common problem regards the condenser. It is a component present in washing machines equipped with an electromechanical timer and serves to give the motor a starting point. In fact, in electronic washing machines it is not present, as the engine revolutions are regulated by the electronic module.

So when the condenser is melted or discharged (it occurs mainly in old washing machines), then the washing machine does not spin when the load is too heavy. We will see later how the weight in the basket is one of the most important conditions to keep under control in case of problems with the centrifuge.

In addition to all the cases that have been listed, a cause of the non-spin washing machine could also be a engine damage. In this case you can not do anything but replace it, and then it will be shown how even this operation (apparently complex), can be carried out easily without the need for a technician.

– Solutions to the problem

Once the cause of the problem has been established, it is necessary to act promptly, in order to repair the washing machine as soon as possible. All these operations they can be carried out safely without calling for assistance, but it should be remembered that before starting any action it is necessary to unplug the washing machine for obvious safety issues.

The following are the appropriate solutions based on the cause of the centrifuge not working.

1. If the problem is a washing program that does not include the spin cycle, it will be sufficient to select another option, using the instruction booklet.

2. In the event that the non-spin washing machine due to a discharge problem, it is necessary to check the filter and the exhaust pipe. First of all it is advisable to open the filter housing, let the water out and then gently pull it out. Remove dirt, rinse it in water and then reinsert it.

If this action was not enough, then the problem will be due from the tube. If it is bent, try to straighten it. If this is not possible, it is better to replace this piece of the appliance directly.

If the tube appears to be in perfect condition, the problem may be hidden inside. So use a screwdriver to remove it and remove any foreign objects (dust, dirt and so on), then reassemble it. The game is done!

3. If the problem is caused by damage of the door switch it will be necessary to replace this piece. Fortunately, it is a simple, easily replaceable plastic component that does not cost too much. disassembling the switch and replacing it is very easy and fast.

4. If the problem is the belt, at this point the only thing that can be done is to check its status and, if necessary, replace it.

First of all it is advisable to move the washing machine, so as to leave enough space between the appliance and the wall, disassemble the panel on the back and check the condition of the belt.

If it is damaged it must be replaced. It will be sufficient to slide the old component out of the transmission and from the engine pulleys and insert the new belt.

5. In case the problem is due to the condenser, the solution is to replace it. It is a component that does not cost much and is connected with two wires (it is advisable not to confuse it with the noise filter). Above it has numbers that indicate the condenser’s microfads; you need to buy one with the same features and replace it. Always pay attention to the piece you buy!

– What to do if the washing machine spins only empty or spin poorly

In addition to cases in which the centrifuge is not just signs of life, there are situations in which the washing machine still reserves surprises for us: either spin dry only with empty or bad spin.

If the washing machine spins only when empty, the causes of the problem are mainly three:

1) The drive belt may be worn out. Therefore, under the stress of loading the basket, it cannot support movement and slide. If this were the problem, there should be traces of fiber due to slippage. In this case the solution is similar to what was previously described in case of belt breakage.

2) The pulley may not be firmly attached to the basket. The pulley it is an indispensable component for the functioning of the washing machine, therefore its deterioration causes problems for the centrifuge. Therefore it is necessary to check how it is fixed and, if it is damaged, replace it.

3) However, the main cause remains the load the basket. As mentioned above, if the load is too heavy, the washing machine will not spin and may cause the condenser to break. But even a too-empty and light basket could cause problems. Especially the new washing machines have balancing sensors and therefore when the basket is too empty or too full they do not spin.

This is for example one of the main causes of when non-spin whirlpool washing machine. So if it is an unbalance problem, it is advisable to adjust the load of the clothes to be washed and possibly recalibrate the washing machine. To calibrate, it is best to follow the instructions on the instruction booklet, as the procedure may change for each washing machine.

In the event that the washing machine does not spin properly, the causes of this anomaly are different than previously stated. First, centrifuging badly means that when we should see an acceleration of the drum rotation, this happens only intermittently, or sometimes the centrifuge suddenly locks. In this case, the operating anomaly is due to three persons in charge: the electronic board, the tachometer, the motor and the use of too much detergent.

The electronic card it is the appliance that manages all the functions of the washing machine and therefore allows its operation. Among the various tasks that he coordinates, there is also that of managing the turns of the centrifuge.

So if the card has burnt components it is inevitable that it will not work and that the centrifuge will work properly. Only one electronic expert can check if there are any concrete problems in this appliance and if it is therefore necessary to replace it or if it is possible to fix it.

The tachometer is a machine which generates a continuous voltage. Thanks to this, the motor turns more or less quickly, depending on the voltage. So if there is a malfunction of this appliance, it is inevitable that there will also be repercussions in the centrifuge mechanism, causing slowdowns.

So if the tachometer doesn’t work properly, you need to replace it and doing it is easier than you might think. First of all the appliance is usually located near the motor, locked with a plate, while in other models of washing machine it is one with the motor.

In the first case to extract it, it is advisable to extract the motor, force with a lever the plate, detach the electric wires that bind it to the motor and feed it and extract it. Once replaced with a working one, put all the pieces back in place and you’re done. In case the tachometer is one with the engine, it is inevitable to replace the latter.

Another cause of an anomaly in the operation of the centrifuge is from impute to the motor. Over time, it may lose power, and the result is a spin too slow to leave soaked clothes, or a centrifuge that works intermittently. Replacing the motor is the only solution, and you can also do this by yourself.

To remove the motor it is first necessary to remove the belt that connects it to the pulley, then disconnect it from the electrical connector and proceed by unscrewing the screws that fix it to the tub of the washing machine. Once all this has been done, simply pull it outwards until it comes out from the special fasteners. At this point it will be enough to buy an engine identical to the one now to be thrown away.

One last cause that leads to an irregular and intermittent spin is excessive use of detergent for washing clothes. In this case it is very easy to recognize the problem.

If after the end of the wash the clothes are still impregnated with detergent and there is still foam in the basket, then you have probably exaggerated a little too much with the detergent.

Surely having nice clean and perfumed clothes is the will of everyone, but better not to overdo it. If the damage is now done, it will be necessary to clean the drain pipe from the foam, and do some washing with an empty basket, so as to restore the correct functioning of the appliance.

– To conclude

In conclusion therefore, regardless of the brand of your appliance, the causes of the non-functioning of the centrifuge are the same for everyone. If the bosch washing machine does not spin or if there is Indesit washing machine not centrifugal, the first thing to do is to understand the causes of the problem. As has been seen, the causes are different and careful verification is necessary to avoid making mistakes.

So, only after doing the appropriate checks, you can act quickly to solve it. If, on the other hand, the washing machine presents other types of problems (spin-dry only or bad spin), the appropriate way of acting will be different.

Regardless of this, do not despair, certainly this appliance it is now an integral part of our life, a day without is a disaster for everyone but solutions exist and above all they work. Just a little patience is enough and you can start washing your clothes again without even calling a technician.

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