The kitchen environment has always been one of the most important and difficult to create in a home, but know how to orientate yourself towards the right style choice, preferring light shades combined with the natural ones of wood, it is a step that must be done on the basis of appropriate assessments.

In this brief discussion we will clarify these considerations and we will see some ideas that they can encourage the purchase of white and wooden kitchen furniture, which can be the ideal combination to solve many furnishing doubts.

A material as simple as wood teaches us that everything already resides in its essence, made of natural veins and colors, capable of capturing immediate attention that comes to the eyes, even of the most distracted fan.

The essentiality is an important component in the architectural field that expresses a sophisticated style, which is why the neutrality of a color like white will complete our idea of ​​a wooden kitchen structure giving a definite beauty.

These premises are the prerequisites for which the choice of a white and wood kitchen can last for years, leaving his charm unchanged despite the succession of fashion and time.

– Wood essences: real protagonists in the kitchen

The elements that make up the structure of a kitchen, they must be able to guarantee a perfect balance of chromatic harmonies, giving life to furniture that can be used in almost all furnishing styles.

The endless processes and finishes applicable to the wood are also the index of the value that the finished furniture will possess.

We think, for example, to a structure made of solid oak with a white coated finish, complementing a central shelving island, and wall units perhaps made with framed doors with stained glass … the dream of any lover of the shabby genre!

The potential of a kitchen made by combining the natural color of wood, perhaps even polished with shellac, to the basicity of white, creates a very attractive overall effect.

The field of the kitchen industry, in the production of models in white and natural wood, wanted to emphasize the importance of a unique and sought-after piece of furniture, but at the same time simple and essential in its invoice.

– Which shade of white and on which style

Not all whites are the same and not all of them can easily adapt to all furnishing styles of kitchens.

We must not confuse then techniques such as bleaching, typical of the shabby and colonial current, in which white water-based paints are superimposed on the natural color of the wood essence that makes up the structure.

In this case, the wood panel is first painted and then waxed, sanded and finished with clear or opaque paint. to get the aged effect of pickled or pickled wood, which many still confuse as a particular white tint.

It is also important to understand the context in which the kitchen will be inserted, for example if it is provided with terracotta, ceramic, stoneware or parquet flooring, since it will be the cladding that conveys the choice of the optimal wood that will have to be married to it.

It would also be appropriate consider what type of coating to apply to the walls, whether to obtain spaces in living stone, or to foresee the use of wallpaper rather than buffered, spatula or stucco-style paintings.

It is an unwritten rule in furniture that a certain leitmotiv must describe the stylistic thinking of a whole house.

Imagine entering from a classic entrance, passing through an industrial salon and then finding ourselves in a shabby chic kitchen.

– Master Ponti would be horrified at the thought!

The kitchen in particular has the task of inheriting the architectural idea that intentionally wanted for the whole house, therefore to opt for the white and wood, for how much it seems a simple decision, will have to support this intent.

So if our house has too square architectural lines, with austere furniture and cold features in which there are modern furniture, we will opt for a glossy white rather than opaque, perhaps relying on a smooth laminate rather than an embossed lacquer.

Otherwise, if our kitchen insists on an interior design with large rooms with high attics, perhaps star-shaped and covered in carparo, terracotta or parquet floors, the choice of furniture with a naturally coated finish, with squaring of the minor forms and underlined by bare exposed wood, is the one that will be homogenized with the structural stylistic continuation.

– The tactile magic of wood

To go into a sector that enjoys the attention of designers and producers, and that over time has seen the repetition of fashions and trends, updated without a doubt in a modern key, but progress without deviating from the initial spirit, deserves an important premise or feel at contact with their furniture.

The material par excellence of construction of any piece of furniture, allows us to be able to manage the shapes according to the type of wood used.

We think of the warmth of mahogany or walnut, the freshness of fir or maple, the possibilities of finishes applicable to oak or teak, and to the liveliness of the padouk, to the infinite beauty of ebony or wenge.

Buy kitchen furniture made with these essences, it is a privilege that we should deserve at least once in a lifetime.

– The appropriate choice of kitchen accessories

The white and wood kitchen it will allow a certain margin of decision also on the complementary elements that can enrich it, such as for example a table and chairs, but also any islands or peninsulas, cupboards and so on.

Some standard models, of basic industrial extraction, foresee a pre-assembled combination of the entire structure, usually designed for cheaper solutions, where, among other things, the choice of the woods used is mostly oriented on multi-layered or veneered hollow-core flooring, most often laminated and very refined.

When the furniture intent becomes more refined, increasing the specific demands, and consequently the budget, the complementarity of the elements is expanded in a range of choices where the quality of the materials begins to be seen, both for the prospectus of the single elements and for those processing details that bring out all the quality of wood.

Therefore, in this case too, the right balance of tones and styles is very important, so if our primary essence is very dark we will try to approach it perhaps with a chair and a table that slightly dampens the absorption of light can come to create.

A kitchen must match elements that respect an appropriate tonal choice, for example if we are in the presence of a glossy white matched with a bleached oak, a dark gold or bronze cupboard or display case, perhaps in Venetian style, could constitute a beautiful Glance.

Regarding the opportunity to insert islands and peninsulas, available from the catalog or available on request depending on the models, but above all on the available spaces, the idea could be as much to continue the style line, recalling it with the same wood shade, as to neutralize each concept, using only white, perhaps providing shelving or hanging shelves in natural wood as a pleasant tonal detachment.

Also the choice of the top, could fall back on a valid alternative in the same color respecting the starting wooden material or depart with the adoption of more suitable materials such as natural stones, okite or fenix.

– Some brief considerations on the combinations of accessories

In a white and wood kitchen accessories play a fundamental role to better define the stylistic purpose of the person who created it.

Industrial proposals such as artisanal ones, give a wide variety of choices between elements such as handles, knobs etc. made of steel, aluminum or wood, in satin, glossy or antiqued versions, even if the imagination of those who will and will want to live it, must always have the last word.

The main board is that of be dosed about a hypothetical adoption of stainless steel, because it is an element of strong contrast even though it is material like wood or stone, and its insertion would be more suited to post-modern proposals such as industrial or at most to a bistro style, but without exaggerating in order not to have the impression to find yourself inside a room.

– Eye to the light

A white kitchen with wood inserts it has the prerogative of being naturally very bright, therefore the use of elements with central lighting such as suspension lamps or spotlights, could be successful to give the appropriate amount of artificial light.

An idea that in lighting technology it is increasingly used to enhance the kitchen environment, is to create more suffused light points with ceiling projection through appliques, or by installing uprights in appropriate escape angles, clearly in the same overall optics that we have illustrated so far.

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